Malaysia Awed by New Darlie DOLLA Campaign ‘Outshine Your Fears’

The new Darlie All Shiny White campaign Outshine Your Fears features the popular Malaysian pop group DOLLA. It delves into the fears that used to plague the group members and highlight the confidence that they eventually found in one another to help them overcome those fears.

Melissa Wong, Marketing Director of Hawley & Hazel Malaysia, believes DOLLA is the epitome of confidence. “They are constantly in front of the cameras, meeting their fans, performing on stage, and just putting themselves out there on social media. It takes a lot of confidence to do what they do.” Wong revealed that after getting to know them better, they found out that all four members of DOLLA had their fears too.

“But in one another, these girls found the strength and confidence to overcome their individual fears to create one of the most iconic groups in the country. And for them, all it took was a smile. That is why we decided to collaborate with DOLLA because we believe that they are the perfect role models to help the Darlie All Shiny White inspire young Malaysians to let their confident smile set the stage for them to shine.”

Boon Chuan Suah, the Associate Creative Director of FCB SHOUT, said they had fun working closely with DOLLA. “Despite their immense popularity and young age, the girls never once hesitated to share with us the fears that they had in order to help craft the best possible story that would do them and the Darlie All Shiny White brand justice. They kept their professionalism on the set from the first minute until the last, and their youthful energy really elevated the film to a whole new level.”

It should be noted that Outshine Your Fears is the first piece of work from the Darlie All Shiny White x DOLLA collaboration.

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Nandika Chand