Project Dreamweaver: Nike Committed to Athletes, Pushing Boundaries

Nike Project Dreamweaver is a symbol of powerful collaboration between athletes and the brand, pushing boundaries to unlock greatness. It has supported a community of 120 women across the United States over the last two years.

Nike says Project Dreamweaver was created to offer program participants the holistic resources and help needed to chase the QTQ – from coaching and nutrition to sport psychology and physiology guidance and more. The partnership supported athletes on roads where they train and race and in the renowned Nike Sport Research Labs.

Project Dreamweaver: Nike Committed to Athletes, Pushing Boundaries

Kathy Gomez, VP, of Nike Footwear Innovation, said they leveraged the best of Nike’s expertise, products, resources, and devotion to running to provide world-class athlete services. “In return, these women pushed us to be better and reminded us yet again of the power of chasing a dream.”

Gabi Rooker, a Project Dreamweaver athlete who went on to sign a professional contract with Nike and will be racing in her first Olympic Trials, said they started as individuals with the goal of competing at the Olympic Trials. “We live in big cities and rural towns. We are mothers. We are spouses. We have full-time jobs. We have children to raise and teach. We are completing degrees and getting PhDs. We have pets and multitudes of personal obligations. We are out there for the love of our sport and because we have dreams to chase. I won’t be running on my own at the Trials. I’ll be running with the entire Nike Dreamweaver Project beside me.”

Project Dreamweaver: Nike Committed to Athletes, Pushing Boundaries

Nike also worked with a team of women to study their biomedical, physiological, psychosocial, and perceptual needs. It should be noted that Project Dreamweaver athletes were among the largest-ever women’s research and development pool for a Nike racing shoe, testing the new Nike Alphafly 3 in training and on race days throughout the shoe’s development cycle.

The brand is working towards making the new Alphafly 3 a favorite race-day shoe for all female marathoners.

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