Airstream Club International Embraces the Future with a Brand Refresh, Preserves Core Heritage

The Airstream Club International (ACI), the longest-rolling, single-branded recreational vehicle club globally, has expanded its appeal to current and future Airstream owners of all ages with a brand refresh via domo domo Marketing

ACI boasts a strong community of seasoned travelers. It strives to attract a broader audience to fully experience the camaraderie and benefits offered by the Club. Domo Domo Marketing activated the contemporized ACI’s visual identity while maintaining the essential connection to the founder Wally Byam’s legacy. The creative team came up with an upbeat visual style to tell the Club’s story – capturing the essence of the ACI experience.

Club Branding Information | ACI

Lori Plummer, Executive Director of Airstream Club International, highlighted that the domo domo team understands the nuances of the Club’s brand and the unique relationship that exists with the ‘streamers’. “The resulting brand refresh truly exemplifies the member experience.”

Jean Silverstein, Director of Design Innovation at domo domo Marketing, said working with the Airstream Club International was a true collaboration. They blended their design expertise with ACI’s rich history. “The success of the updated brand communication speaks to the power of visual storytelling in building strong, inclusive communities.”

Domo domo Marketing also developed a direct mail series to further promote the Club. It highlights the features and benefits of ACI membership.

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