Fashion, Film Forward Thinking: XR’s New Identity Reimagines Entertainment

XR, formerly known as Extreme Reach, is a platform and technology partner that offers essential services and insights for the entertainment industry. The company recently rebranded to reflect its vision and values, creating a modern and distinctive identity that showcases its versatility and intelligence. Let’s take a closer look at XR’s rebranding, to see how they utilize data-driven solutions to transform the entertainment industry.

A Bold Reach into the Future

Extreme Reach has long been a cornerstone of the entertainment industry, offering asset management and payroll assistance for advertisers. However, its role has transcended traditional functions. Each day, Extreme Reach mines its vast reservoir of industry data to uncover valuable insights, shaping the trajectory of entertainment. The company decided to rebrand to signify a significant shift in focus, positioning itself as a platform and a forward-thinking technology partner poised to transform the industry with insightful data-driven solutions.

The rebranding of Extreme Reach to XR signifies more than a name change. It represents a bold reach into the future. XR partnered with brand studio Athletics to create an identity embodying purposeful momentum and enlightened performance driven by insight. The new identity reflects a modernist aesthetic infused with imagination, drawing inspiration from diverse sources, including fashion, skincare, film culture, and research consultancies.

The Distinctive and Dynamic Logomark

XR’s distinctive logomark, centered around the letter “X,” is the nucleus of the rebrand. The mark symbolizes versatility and intelligence, two of the core attributes of XR. The mark also breathes through subtle animations, adding a dynamic element that mirrors XR’s forward-thinking ethos. The mark can be used in various contexts and scales, from app icons to billboards, creating a strong and recognizable brand presence.

The rebrand also included a transitional asset that incorporates the entire Extreme Reach wordmark, ensuring continuity during the brand transition. The asset helps to bridge the gap between the old and the new identity, and to educate the audience about the name change.

The Warm and Bold Color Palette

The approach to color is highly differentiated, evoking warmth and boldness. The color palette consists of four primary colors: XR Red, XR Yellow, XR Blue, and XR Black. The colors are inspired by the natural elements of fire, sun, sky, and earth, creating a contrast between the digital and the analog. The colors also have a tactile feel, reminiscent of fashion and skincare products, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance.

The color palette instantly distinguishes XR from its competitors, who tend to use cooler and more muted tones. The colors also create a strong visual impact, attracting attention and conveying confidence.

The Generative and Versatile Patterns

The expanded visual system utilizes dynamic, generative patterns composed of language and letterforms to create a variety of motifs and textures. The patterns are inspired by the data and insights that XR provides, as well as by the film culture and the research consultancies that XR collaborates with. The patterns add a layer of depth and complexity to the identity, creating a sense of movement and energy.

XR has developed a custom tool that generates on-brand patterns with minimal input, ensuring consistency and scalability. The tool empowers XR’s team to create and apply patterns across different media and formats, from print to digital, without compromising the brand identity.

The Supergraphic and the Framing Device

The supergraphic, featuring enlarged letterforms from the logomark’s “X,” is a versatile framing device that can be used to highlight content, such as images, text, or video. The supergraphic creates a visual connection between the logomark and the content, reinforcing the brand identity and the message. The supergraphic also adds a touch of creativity and playfulness, inviting the audience to explore and interact with the content.

The supergraphic plays a crucial role in building equity and recognition for XR’s newly abbreviated brand name. By using the supergraphic across various touchpoints, such as the website, the app, and the social media, XR ensures that the audience becomes familiar with the new name and the new identity.

Image credits: athleticsnyc

The Video, UI, and Animation Strategy

Video, UI, and animation are integral to XR’s storytelling strategy, illustrating the entire production process from ideation to outcome. XR uses video to showcase its work and its impact, highlighting the benefits and the value of its data-driven solutions. XR also uses UI and animation to demonstrate its platform and its technology, showing how it facilitates seamless implementation and collaboration.

Graphic elements overlaid on video provide insightful annotation, highlighting XR’s understanding of the industry and its role in transforming it. The graphic elements also create a visual consistency and a brand signature, making XR’s video content easily recognizable and memorable.

The Future of Entertainment with XR

The rebranding of XR is a major milestone in its journey. With its futuristic identity and advanced technology, XR is well-positioned to continue shaping the entertainment industry’s future. It drives productions forward with insights and creativity and offers data-driven solutions to its clients as a platform and technology partner, not just a service provider.

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