Tubi Revamps Identity: Your Go-To for Free Streaming in 2024

Free ad-supported streaming platform Tubi has won over internet culture enthusiasts with its eclectic mix of content, from mainstream Hollywood hits to delightfully bizarre B-movies. Recently, the brand made a splash during the 2023 Super Bowl with not one but two unforgettable ads – one cheekily pranking viewers by appearing to interrupt the game, and another surreal spot featuring human-sized rabbits whisking people down metaphorical rabbit holes. With its recent brand overhaul, Tubi is set to redefine the streaming experience, inviting viewers to dive into a world where nostalgia meets novelty. Let’s explore more about the rebrand.

A Bold Leap into the Future

From its cheeky Super Bowl ads to its strategic rebranding, Tubi has shown that it’s not afraid to stand out. The streaming service pranked millions during the Super Bowl with an ad that seemingly hijacked the event, only to reveal itself as a clever promotion for the app. This boldness is echoed in its new brand identity, crafted by DixonBaxi, which encapsulates Tubi’s core values of being daring, welcoming, and delightfully unpredictable.


Design That Dares to Be Different

Tubi’s revamped visual identity is a testament to its commitment to innovation. The redesigned wordmark, with its playful shift of the ‘i’ tittle to the ‘t’ crossbar, is set against a vibrant palette of Hello Yellow and Tubi Purple. This striking color combination, along with the introduction of Tubi Stans—a custom typeface designed for the ultimate fan—ensures that Tubi’s presence is both recognizable and memorable.


Sonic Branding: The Sound of Welcome

Tubi’s new sonic identity is a departure from the typical streaming service soundscape. With a focus on warmth and humanity, the brand’s auditory signature is a rhythmic swing that harmonizes with the pendulum-like logo animation. This sonic branding is a crucial element in creating an inviting atmosphere for viewers as they start their Tubi app journey.

Expanding Reach and Engaging Younger Audiences

While Tubi is currently restricted in Europe, it has successfully extended its reach to several countries in North and Central America. The platform has gained traction in the US, with a 1.5% share of total TV viewing in January. Tubi’s appeal is particularly strong among younger audiences who are shifting away from or have never had cable television. In fact, Tubi reports that 63% of its audience falls into this demographic. The platform offers a variety of content that appeals to these viewers, including rabbit holes of nostalgia and unique content not found elsewhere.


See You In There: Tubi’s Welcoming Tagline

Tubi’s new tagline, “See You In There,” builds on the concept of the rabbit hole as a destination for like-minded viewers to immerse themselves in. This tagline puts the viewer at the center, creating a welcoming tone and inviting advertisers to join the party as well.


Nicole Parlapiano, CMO at Tubi, explains that ” The brand aims to provide a fun, bold, and engaging platform that remains frictionless and 100% free, allowing viewers to indulge in content that reflects their passions.”

The Big Picture

Tubi’s free ad-funded streaming platform has captured the attention of internet users and culture journalists with its unique offerings and recent brand refresh. With a focus on boldness, familiarity, and unexpectedness, Tubi aims to engage young, multicultural audiences and provide an inviting and frictionless platform. As Tubi continues to grow and expand its reach, it remains a go-to destination for those seeking diverse content and a unique streaming experience.

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Hasin Hamza