Keeping British Honey Wild: Black Bee Honey’s Nature-Inspired Rebranding

In a world where honey is often counterfeited, Black Bee Honey emerges as a beacon of authenticity. This isn’t just another honey brand. Offering pure, single-origin, 100% British honey, Black Bee Honey stands out in the crowd. But what truly sets it apart is its dedication to the environment.

Black Bee Honey’s Mission

Black Bee Honey is on a mission to become Britain’s favorite honey brand. The brand offers pure, single-origin, 100% British honey to combat the cheap sugar syrup blends from anonymous sources. Even more impressive, 2% of its turnover creates a thousand acres of new wildflower meadows, a vital habitat for honey bees and other pollinators.

Visualizing the Brand

The London studio OMSE has breathed life into Black Bee Honey’s mission, translating it into a captivating visual identity. The strategic positioning of “Keep British Honey Wild” is a testament to the brand’s commitment to preserving the essence of British landscapes and seasons. The new identity, featuring bespoke typefaces inspired by the flight of the bumblebee and honey itself, underscores the brand’s dedication to nature. The vibrant color palette, art direction capturing a bee’s ultraviolet vision, and supporting artworks by talented illustrators have breathed new life into the brand, creating a visually stunning and cohesive ecosystem.

Artistry Beyond the Norm

OMSE worked with illustrators Cary Vander Yacht, Inga Ziemele, and Florence Poppy Redmore on the supporting artworks that play a starring role across the brand refresh. Each brought their playful style to the product, packing the entire packaging design, campaign materials, and merchandise with a whole lot of punch.

Black Bee Honey

The 3D design was carried out by Matt Gilbert, with product photography by Emilia Cocking. The simple copy, emphasizing the brand’s mission again with to-the-point messaging such as ‘From Orchard to Jar’ and ‘Wild by Nature’, really makes you think about where honey is sourced and will stand out on supermarket shelves, no doubt.

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