Vytal Launches Fresh Name, Logo, Visual Identity and Website

Vytal, previously known as SCG Projects, has turned to a new name, logo, identity, and website in an effort to meet the evolving needs of clients in digital infrastructure. This reflects the company’s commitment to delivering top-tier services, customized telecommunications, and digital infrastructure solutions from the ground up.

Vytal’s rebranding reflects the company’s growth from a sophisticated fiber constructor to a truly comprehensive digital infrastructure construction group with unlimited scalability to meet the growing demand in the industry.

Vytal Launches Fresh Name, Logo, Visual Identity and Website

Tristan Cornell, CEO of Vytal, said the company is staying up to date with the revolutionary changes in the telecommunications industry. He explained that the rebranding as Vytal delivers clarity to clients, and enhances their understanding of the brand. “At Vytal, our team relentlessly follows our unique methodology to deliver superior project management and risk mitigation to uphold the highest standards of quality, cost-control, and speed to market from the initial design and permitting phase right through construction and technical handoffs.”

Cornell added that Vytal recognizes opportunities to partner with like-minded clients to bring predictable delivery dates to the industry. “This presents the perfect moment for Vytal to make significant contributions to the telecommunications and digital infrastructure industry. Ultimately, our goal is to establish Vytal as a globally recognized brand, leveraging our proven track record and extensive experience. We eagerly anticipate continuing our journey as trusted partners, innovators, and advocates for a sustainable future in our roles as a responsible and forward-thinking fiber infrastructure project partner.”

This rebranding is a transformative step for Vytal. The company is strategically positioned to tackle large fiber network design and construction projects, while also possessing the flexibility to scale operations.

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