GreenSigns Upgrades Digital Billboards with Sustainable LED Technology

GreenSigns has partnered with BSV Digital Displays and Ad Net Zero to power its digital billboards with sustainable LED technology and achieved 18 percent reduction in power consumption. This enhances GreenSigns’ position as a leader in eco-efficient outdoor advertising. Its signs are being 100 percent powered by wind and solar energy.

Joseph Mancino, CEO of GreenSigns, said strength in business is rooted in the quality of its partnerships. “This collaboration showcases how working together amplifies our sustainability efforts. We’re proud to set the benchmark for green advertising practices in Chicagoland and beyond.”

GreenSigns Upgrades Digital Billboards with Sustainable LED Technology

John Osborn, USA Director of Ad Net Zero, said seeing GreenSigns and BSV come together is a reflection of the powerful collaboration common across Ad Net Zero supporters. “Through such partnerships, we can turn words into actions and make strides toward reducing the advertising industry’s carbon footprint. This initiative embodies Ad Net Zero’s mission and represents another step forward on the journey toward sustainable solutions.”

Paul Ellery, CEO of BSV, said this endeavor shows the transformative power of technology and partnership in leading the advertising industry to a greener future. “In line with the operation’s green ethos, the transition also involves an environmentally conscious disposal plan for the old sign faces facilitated by Kuusakoski Recycling. Kuusakoski’s mission is to restore the value of waste materials by collecting and processing them into new, valuable raw materials.”

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