Subway ‘Fresh Moves’ Promotes Emerging Sports, Physical Activity

Subway has launched its ‘Fresh Moves’ initiative to promote emerging sports and the importance of physical activity. The restaurant brand is partnering with GB Basketball, Breaking GB, and Skateboard GB for the initiative.

This comes after Subway’s recent survey stated that around 31% of respondents feel engaging in emerging sports makes them more confident and motivated to participate. Basketball was the top choice for about 32% of the respondents, break dancing came in second, followed by skateboarding. These brought together people of different ages, cultures, and ethnic backgrounds.

Kirstey Elston, EMEA Brand & UK & Ireland Marketing Director at Subway, said the Fresh Moves initiative is focused on creating more opportunities for people with an interest in emerging sports to participate and feel valued. “We’re excited to leverage Subway’s scale, in partnership with sports organizations that are known for championing inclusivity, bringing communities together, and celebrating movement to enhance our efforts to promote inclusion within the sports community.”

Subway ‘Fresh Moves’ Promotes Emerging Sports, Physical Activity

Chris Grant, Chair of the British Basketball Federation, highlighted that basketball, according to the Sporting EqualsRace Representation Index published in April 2024, is officially the most diverse sport in the United Kingdom. “Many children and adults from all backgrounds already know how exciting and beneficial it is to play or follow basketball. Subway’s commitment and extensive network make it the ideal partner as we work to reach a broader audience and fulfill GB Basketball’s immense potential on and off the court.”

Subway ‘Fresh Moves’ Promotes Emerging Sports, Physical Activity

Hooch, President of Breaking GB, shared excitement about partnering with Subway. “Breaking is the most dynamic sport, and its accessibility will see the nation inducted into our culture. This partnership amplifies the support for the sport both during and beyond the games, championing its growth.” James Hope-Gill, CEO of Skateboarding GB, said the partnership will bring new opportunities to skateboarders around the UK. “Both organizations have similar aims to increase the number of skateable spaces and improve some existing ones too. “This partnership is a key part in our desire to develop grassroots skateboarding and make it even more accessible to more people.”

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