Castrol’s Refreshed Brand Unveiled with Sonic Identity and Modern Look

Castrol, a global leader in lubricants and part of the bp group, has recently announced the launch of its refreshed brand. The refreshed brand includes an updated logo, a new sonic identity, and a modern, dynamic, and vibrant design aimed at reflecting its unique positioning in the market and meeting the changing needs of customers. […]

7Up Comes with a Zesty Citrus Twist of Brand Refreshment

7up brand the change

PepsiCo has unveiled its latest 7UP flavor with a zesty citrus taste along with a refreshed visual identity. Featuring a bold and playful design with a 3D drop shadow, the new design adds depth and dimension. Against its signature green on the main body of the can, citrus colors accentuate the shadow space. For the […]

A ‘Rabbit Hole’ of Entertainment: Amazon Prime Video is Rebranding

The popular streaming service Prime Video, which has over 200 million subscribers, has developed a brand refresh to highlight its incredible array of entertainment and position it as a venue for fandoms of all kinds. For Prime Video, Amazon developed a brand strategy that envisions the platform as a ‘rabbit hole’ of entertainment where viewers […]

Soft Drink Brand ‘Lilt’ to Rebrand to Fanta after 50 Years

lilt rebrand brand the change

After 50 years, the popular soft drink brand Lilt, known for its ‘totally tropical taste’, is being rebranded and replaced by Fanta Pineapple & Grapefruit. The Coca-Cola Company, which owns Lilt, announced the change and clarified that the drink’s taste and ingredients would remain unchanged. The rebranding of Lilt to Fanta Pineapple & Grapefruit has […]

The City of Warsaw Rebrands with a New Identity

The Capital and the largest city of Poland, Warsaw has officially unveiled its new logo. The logo is designed by preserving the city’s emblem and swapping the use of two logos, plus a slew of designs for individual city departments, with a single identity. Made in consultation with a historian at the Museum of Warsaw, […]

Cartoon Network is Looking to Expand Viewership with Rebranding

AFTER a long day at school, coming home in our dirty clothes to watch cartoons was the most relaxing thing we could do. Powerpuff Girls or Dexter’s Laboratory on Cartoon Network were all there was to watch without the immersive internet and latest gadgets. Now a significant brand revamp was outlined by Cartoon Network. This […]

Audi is ready to take on roads with the refreshed brand identity

Audi Brand the Change

Audi, the latest in a long line of auto firms to simplify their emblems, has presented a flat, simplified version of its trademark four-ringed insignia.   The four rings of Audi are still arranged in the same pattern, but they are no longer elevated and are no longer painted with glossy chrome. The rings are […]

Energising Abu Dhabi the Mubadala Way

Mubadala Energy Brand The Change

Abu Dhabi is going green with regards to energy transactions when International Mubadala Petroleum gets rebranded to Mubadala Energy last month. This transformation which is inline with their 2030 strategy, is aiming at investment opportunities in blue hydrogen and carbon capture.     With a working interest production of over 430,000 barrels of oil equivalent […]