PicsArt’s New AI-Powered ‘Adpilot’ is Changing the Way Brands Create Ads

Are you tired of spending countless hours and resources on creating social media advertisements for your business? Look no further than AI-powered platforms like Picsart‘s Adpilot. Picsart has launched ‘Adpilot’, as a platform that leverages the power of AI to generate on-brand social media advertisements quickly and affordably.


The platform is designed to cater to small marketing teams and businesses that may not have the resources to execute creative campaigns consistently. With Adpilot, businesses can easily create ads that align with their brand’s image and objectives and can generate on-brand social media ads in a matter of minutes.


How Adpilot Works?

The Adpilot tool enables users to initiate the advertisement creation process by uploading existing product or brand imagery, or by having the AI produce one from scratch. Next, they enter a few keywords that best describe their brand and the objective of the promotion. The generator then delivers stylish Facebook and Instagram posts, complete with brand-aligned images and copy. Additionally, the platform provides a selection of backgrounds to pair with the imagery, giving the final product a polished and professional look.


Benefits of Using Adpilot

Ad creation and distribution have always been time-consuming and expensive. However, with recent innovations in generative AI, the creative workflow has been enhanced and simplified, increasing speed and efficiency. Adpilot harnesses the power of AI to reduce costs and increase productivity, serving as a creative companion for business owners, marketers, or anyone aiming to generate ads. With Adpilot, small businesses can create effective ads that rival those of larger corporations, all while saving time and resources.


Final Thoughts

Picsart’s Adpilot is an excellent example of how AI is transforming the advertising industry, making ad creation accessible and affordable for small businesses. By leveraging the power of AI technology, businesses can create high-quality ads that align with their brand image and objectives, all while saving time and money. With this innovative platform, Picsart has opened the doors for small businesses to compete in the advertising space with the big players.