Walmart Connect Takes Video Ad Solution for More Options to Brand Partners

Walmart Connect now offers more robust options for brand partners to reach out effectively to customers. It has introduced sponsored videos, the platform’s first onsite video ad solution. This service is available to Walmart advertisers who are brand-registered on the Walmart Brand portal.

Susanna Lee, senior director of product marketing for Walmart Connect, highlighted that video ads in search results give the ability to tell the brand or product’s story. This breaks the barrier between upper-funnel campaign tactics and performance ad formats like Sponsored Search.

“The storytelling capability can drive consideration and accelerate conversions at key moments on the shopping journey. ‘Show, don’t tell’ is an old marketing adage that couldn’t be more true in today’s retail media landscape.”

Walmart Connect: Building Meaningful Shopping Experiences Between Suppliers & Our Customers | Video Ad
Image Source Walmart

Lee believes brands can create intrigue and interest right where they’re convincing and converting customers. “We’ve all resonated with video ad content at some point, whether it’s from watching a beauty product demo, spotting the perfect toy, or experiencing an emotional connection with a holiday ad. So imagine the power of video storytelling in one of our most influential destinations for customer discovery – search results.”

Walmart Connect’s new feature shows how retail media networks are moving past purely performance-based advertising into areas of marketing that are oriented around brand-building. As such, Walmart Connect wants to appeal to marketers who have shifted their holiday strategies more toward digital channels and are angling to inspire in-the-moment purchases on e-commerce platforms.

The company says 93 percent of the 100 most-searched keywords on its services are non-branded words or phrases. This indicates that customers are looking for suggestions Walmart is also looking at new tactics to track the success of video campaigns, including the view-through rate, viewable click-through-rate, and view-based attributed sales metrics.

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