Flaunt Your Flaws: Colgate’s Inspiring Campaign Celebrates Imperfect Smiles

Colgate has launched a new campaign called ‘My Smile is My Superpower’ that challenges the notion of the “perfect smile”. The campaign celebrates the beauty of imperfection and aims to tackle the unrealistic beauty standards set by society. Colgate’s new approach is a departure from its previous focus on promoting gleaming white, straight teeth. In a world that values perfection, this campaign by the dental brand is encouraging people to embrace their unique smiles – gaps, crooked teeth, and all. Let’s explore more about the campaign.

The Power of Individuality

According to Colgate’s research, 65% of Gen Z respondents reported that the pressure to have a perfect smile negatively impacts their confidence, and 85% would like to change their smiles. This alarming statistic highlights the need for a shift in perception, one that celebrates individuality and embraces uniqueness. Through the ‘My Smile is My Superpower’ campaign, Colgate aims to remind people, especially Gen Z, that the most beautiful smile is the one they own.

Flaunt Your Flaws: Colgate's Inspiring Campaign Celebrates Imperfect Smiles
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The Face of Confidence

Joining the campaign is award-winning actress Uzo Aduba, known for her captivating smile with a distinctive gap. She is lending her voice to this movement, and encouraging others to find confidence in their unique smiles. Aduba’s passion for empowering confidence in others aligns perfectly with Colgate’s mission.

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When I was younger, I fixated on the gap in my teeth—so much so that it kept me from smiling and being authentically myself,” said Aduba. “It wasn’t until I discovered that my smile is representative of my family’s Anyaoku heritage that I started to see it as a source of confidence and pride. I’m excited to be partnering with Colgate to share my smile story in the hopes of inspiring others to own their smiles just the way they are.

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Embracing Diversity in Media

In a media landscape where uniformity often reigns supreme,  Colgate’s campaign created in collaboration with VML, is a breath of fresh air. Rather than conforming to unrealistic beauty standards, Colgate’s ad celebrates individuality and diversity. Directed by Alfred Marroquin, the ad features kids embracing their gappy smiles while whistling a rendition of Katy Perry’s empowering anthem, ‘Roar’. It’s a powerful message that encourages young adults to embrace their unique features and find confidence in their smiles.

Colgate My Smile is My Superpower perfection ad
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Empowering the Next Generation

Colgate’s commitment to promoting smile confidence extends beyond the campaign. Through their Bright Smiles, Bright Futures (BSBF) program, Colgate aims to reach 250,000 kids in the US with smile confidence resources by the end of 2024. This initiative aims to promote health equity and empower children and families to embrace their smiles with confidence, regardless of societal standards. The BSBF program, established in 1991, has already reached approximately 1.7 billion children in more than 100 countries across the world. By partnering strategically to reach underserved children and their families, the program promotes health equity, optimal well-being, and empowers children and families to achieve healthy and bright futures.

Final Thoughts

For years, society has idolized perfectly straight, gleaming teeth as the epitome of beauty. However, with the rise of creativity and the push towards inclusivity, Colgate’s groundbreaking ‘My Smile is My Superpower’ campaign challenges this notion head-on. By celebrating the uniqueness of every individual’s smile, Colgate is paving the way for a more diverse and creative definition of beauty that goes beyond conventional standards.

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Hasin Hamza