‘I DEW’: HARD MTN DEW to Throw One Lucky Couple an All-Expenses-Paid Wedding

After having a fan married to a can 2022, HARD MTN DEW is back with another wild idea to provide a free wedding for a couple that doesn’t mind saying “I DEW” in front of a crow full of wedding crashers.

Erica Taylor, senior brand director for Hard Mtn Dew, said the brand loves to embrace the unconventional. She said Hard Mtn Dew fans continue to impress the brand with just how wildly passionate they are. “Last year, thousands of fans poured their hearts out to us when we searched for a fan to marry a HARD MTN DEW can, so celebrating our fans’ love in another ridiculous way – and getting even more fans in on to witness the absurdity – just felt right.”

Hard Mtn Dew | Wedding Crashers
Image Source Hard Mtn Dew

Hard Mtn Dew acknowledged that weddings are more expensive than ever, with an average wedding price up to nearly $30,000. As such, Hard Mtn Dew is taking over the wedding planning for one lucky couple and throwing them the boldest, most legendary wedding of the year. It will be complete with custom HARD MTN DEW-inspired wedding attire, an unmatched aesthetic of neon green and black, and so much more.

Image Source Hard Mtn Dew


Moreover, there will be an open bar serving ridiculously delicious and refreshing HARD MTN DEW to ensure the winning couple’s big night to remember, is spent celebrating alongside their closest friends who they have never met!

To take advantage of this campaign, couples ready for nuptials have to visit HardDewWeddingCrashers.com and explain why the brand should throw them the ultimate wedding. The brand said submissions will be judged based on imagination, originality, and underlying love for HARD MTN DEW.

The winning couple will receive flights, accommodations, and an all-expenses-paid wedding as they travel to Knoxville, Tenn to tie the knot alongside their wedding crashers.

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