New York or Nothin’ £2 million Campaign for Bagels by New York Bakery Co

There’s a £2 million campaign by the New York Bakery Co to revive bagels as a hearty breakfast. It wants to reinforce that New York and bagels are synonymous.

The advert stars New Yorker George who is at a table in a deli in Brooklyn. For him, anything other than a New York-style bagel is a lousy imitation and should not be called a bagel at all. George tells his toddler grandson “Kid, it’s New York or nothin’”.

Christina Honigfort, head of marketing at New York Bakery Co, said to make New York and authentic bagels truly synonymous, they needed somebody passionate about bagels in the heart of the city. And that’s where George comes in. By shining a light on George, the bakery highlighted just how proud New Yorkers are of their beloved bagels.

Source: Newyork Bakery Co Youtube

Honigfort believes not all breakfasts are created equal. She pointed out that New York bagels are chewier, tastier and more filling than less authentic bagels, and other morning staples. The executive said that packed with an unforgettable taste and chew that cannot be matched, the New York bagel is a real breakfast all-rounder.

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The advert celebrates bagels as the ‘Toast of New York’, the bagel’s ample size in giant 3D models. It highlights that bagels deliver a much bigger, better and bolder breakfast. The campaign includes a partnership with Heart Radio’s Breakfast Show for a week starting from April 17, where James Theakston and Amanda Holden will broadcast from a New York-inspired studio daily encouraging listeners to take part in a host of fun bagel-related challenges.

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Nandika Chand