Unlock Your Passion: The V&A’s Innovative Campaign for Every Enthusiast

The Victoria & Albert Museum is a highly esteemed cultural institution in London. Unfortunately, some people believe it is not accessible to them. In response to this perception, the museum has launched an innovative campaign to change people’s minds. The campaign is centered around the tagline “If you’re into it, it’s in the V&A,” which aims to showcase the museum’s vast and diverse collection. The goal of the campaign is to demonstrate that the museum is for everyone and that there is something for everyone to enjoy within its historic walls. Let’s explore more about the campaign.V&A

Tapping into Niche Passions

At the heart of the campaign is a deep understanding that while the V&A is renowned globally, many people still feel disconnected from its offerings, particularly younger generations. To bridge this gap, adam&eveDDB has crafted a multi-faceted strategy that celebrates niche interests and passions, from punk to pottery, stamps to streetwear. The campaign pivots around the idea, “If you’re into it, it’s in the V&A”. Be it pottery or punk, stamps or streetwear, the V&A’s exhibits are designed to resonate with every possible interest. The campaign aims to increase the museum’s visibility both online and in-person by highlighting the relevance of its collection, especially to the younger generation.


“What are you into?” asks Mark Shanley, Creative Director at adam&eveDDB. “Football? Fashion? Flappy Bird? Yes, they’re all in the V&A. Jewellery? Yep. Star Wars? Loads of it. The world’s oldest, most beautiful and historically important carpet? Yes, they have that too. And 2.8 million other things. Come to the V&A and see for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.”


A Celebration of Creativity for All

At the core of this campaign is the V&A’s commitment to championing design and creativity in all its forms, for everyone. As Sophie Rouse, Head of Integrated Marketing and Insight at the V&A, explains, “We’re not here to define what creativity is. We’re here to give people the space to define it themselves and find joy in doing so.”


To bring this message to life, the V&A and adam&eveDDB have collaborated with dozens of skilled creators to produce a diverse range of unique objects, each designed to appeal to specific interest groups. These objects, placed in unknown locations across the UK, feature QR codes that link directly to relevant items in the V&A collection, further cementing the campaign’s innovative approach. From burying a silver tankard for metal detectorists to discover, to creating bespoke embroidered pocket squares for tailoring enthusiasts, the campaign is all about delivering playful and unexpected encounters with the museum’s collection.


Furthermore, the activation extends beyond physical objects, incorporating stunts within popular digital platforms like Grand Theft Auto Online and collaborations with niche influencers across Instagram and TikTok. By meeting people where their passions lie, the V&A is breaking down barriers and inviting everyone to explore the joy of creativity.


A Unique Privilege

Mark Shanley, creative director at adam&eveDDB, describes the campaign as a unique privilege. The campaign promotes the idea of defining creativity oneself and finding joy in it. The museum’s mission, as Sophie Rouse, head of integrated marketing and insight at the V&A explains, is to champion design and creativity in all its forms for everyone.

*All images used are a courtesy of adam&eveDDB

Media Coverage and Future Steps

The campaign will tap into popular culture and trends in a highly targeted way, reaching people in their passion spaces with programmatic display and press ads in specialist publications. This activity is reinforced by a mass-media push across OOH, press, digital, and social media. Through these hyper-targeted activations and a robust mass-media push, the V&A is proving that its collection truly has something for every passion, every interest, and every person. The V&A also plans to continue serving every niche passion with a nationwide recruitment drive to identify nine new ‘Superfan Advisors’. Each selected fan will share their love and knowledge about their chosen subjects, further diversifying the museum’s appeal. Overall, by redefining what a museum experience can be, this bold campaign is poised to inspire a new generation of visitors and cement the V&A’s position as a cultural treasure for all.

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Hasin Hamza