Panda Express Reflects American Chinese Heritage via Innovative Design

Panda Express now boasts an innovative design that reflects the brand’s American-Chinese heritage.

The new design incorporates traditional Eastern elements like the moon gate-inspired entrance – it mimics the shape of a full moon, symbolizing peace, prosperity, and family reunion in Chinese culture. There’s also a mural highlighting cultural traditions, including a dragon dance that is a key component of cultural celebrations.

Vibrant colors and a mashup of traditional and modern design motifs welcome customers into Panda Express, a quick-serve Asian restaurant chain. The exterior highlights Panda Express’s signature color palette of black and white, with strong red accents, warm wood tones, and a sweeping roofline.

Image Source: Klover Architects

James Ku, chief development officer at Panda Express, said the brand introduces flavors that may be foreign to some guests in a way that is approachable and something to be appreciated. “This same concept is reflected in the new Panda Home store model which incorporates styles from both the East and West. The exterior design of the Panda Home store can be easily identified by Panda’s color palette of black and white with strong red accents complemented by a sweeping roofline that is commonly used in Chinese architecture. The clean lines and textures throughout the store tap into more contemporary elements from Western design to create an environment that combines different design styles, cultures, and traditions.”

Panda Express | Restaurant | Modern Look | Design
Image Source Frank Lee

Ku said the interior design celebrates Panda’s heritage and tells a story that is unique and authentic to the brand’s American-Chinese roots. “The modern red pendants are inspired by traditional red lanterns in Chinatown and key features like the dragon from dragon dances, confetti tables, and the vibrant mural give off the feeling of a dynamic cultural celebration.”

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