Popsmith Popcorn Makes a Comeback With 70s Style Branding

Popsmith has come up with a 70s style playful, fun, and casual – the perfect stovetop popper and snack kit. Its kettle corn comes in a blue and purple box, and butter popcorn in a red and yellow box that feels classic. Kernel illustration is featured on the front of the boxes, giving charm and energy.

Tal Moore, co-founder and CEO of Popsmith, believes popcorn is universal. “We all have cherished memories of the places where the aromas and salty, sweet crunch of popcorn have brought us together. With our Stovetop Popper, we are creating new, unforgettable moments at home, bringing people together during movie nights, parties, and when playing in the kitchen with our delicious recipes.”

Elevate Your Snacking Game with the Popsmith Popcorn Popper | stupidDOPE

A whole new world of popping has opened up with the innovative Popsmith Stovetop Popper. It comes in five colorways Butter, Cobalt, Poppy, Mint, and Cream. With the Popsmith’s premium, stainless-steel design and multi-layered metal bottom, the Popsmith Popper ensures even heat distribution. This means no burnt popcorn or unpopped kernels – perfect popcorn.

David Stickland, co-founder and president of Popsmith, said their popper is made for open-shelving, designed to become a kitchen centerpiece worthy of display. It adds sophistication, and splash of art and fun to any gathering. “We’re inspiring popcorn lovers to explore the delicious range of popcorn’s culinary possibilities with our new flavors and party ideas.

The Popsmith Popper för de hemgjorda goda popcornen - Teknik - Bubblan - Teknikveckan

The new Popsmith Stovetop Popper is bringing back the magic of popcorn, elevating every moment into an effortless, extraordinary experience. It combines elegance and ease of use with functional benefits, making the holiday season unforgettable.

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