The ‘Goddess’: Homage to Cadillac’s Design History, Handcrafted Artistry

The Cadillac Goddess is back with the all-electric Celestiq. It pays homage to the luxury carmaker’s illustrious design history, symbolizing the personalized handcrafted artistry.

Richard Wiquist, Cadillac Creative Sculptor, said reimagining the “Goddess” was a beautiful experience. He had to study the past and understand the evolution of what Cadillac is today. “This rendition introduces a new, soaring form that reflects the brand’s heritage while also driving it into the future.”

Wiquist believes the “Goddess” always represented the aesthetical zeitgeist. He drew inspiration from the 1933 Goddess that distinguished Cadillac’s legendary V-16 models of the era. “The 1933 figure had a great sense of motion conveyed through drapery that appeared to flow from the figure.” He is said to have spent months carving his interpretation of the ornament, spending hours over every detail of the ones that preceded it in order to situate his version in its proper place in the history of Cadillac.

“Every detail in the sculpture holds meaning or is intended to evoke an emotional response. For the new Goddess, it had to have context and imbue the personal connection. The figure represents a connection between Cadillac and its clients through vehicles such as Celestiq.”

Image Source mediacadillaccom

The sculptor appears on the front quarter panel and within the multi-function controller on the center console of the Celestiq. The piece on the front quarter panel is milled from a piece of aluminum and is polished, brushed, and tinted before being encased in glass. The backlit, three-dimensional Goddess is molded glass as part of a piece of milled billet aluminum that’s polished, brushed, and tinted. The aluminum dial around the jewel-like feature turns independently – so the Goddess always stays in the same position.

Reimagining the Cadillac Goddess: A Forward Symbol with Historic Inspiration
Image Source mediacadillaccom

Wiquist pointed out that after more than 120 years, heritage is an inextricable element of everything Cadillac does. “That comes from greater emotional connections conveyed in design and the process of co-creating imaginative showpieces.”

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