SeaWorld’s New Identity: Uniting Theme Park Brands Across the United States and Abu Dhabi

SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc., the renowned parent company of SeaWorld theme parks, is set to undergo a significant transformation. The company has rebranded as United Parks & Resorts Inc. This name change aims to better represent the diverse collection of park brands and experiences offered by the company across the United States and Abu Dhabi. With the name change to United Parks & Resorts Inc., the company is adopting a destination branding approach. The new name represents the company’s commitment to providing unique park experiences for guests to connect with the brand.

SeaWorld's New Identity: Uniting Theme Park Brands Across the United States and Abu Dhabi
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Embracing a Diverse Collection of Park Brands

Under the umbrella of United Parks & Resorts Inc., the company will continue to operate its seven iconic park brands, each with its own unique identity. These include SeaWorld, Busch Gardens, Discovery Cove, Sesame Place, Water Country USA, Adventure Island, and Aquatica. By maintaining the individual names of these parks, United Parks & Resorts Inc. ensures that guests can still enjoy the familiarity and love they have for these renowned destinations.

Expanding SeaWorld Abu Dhabi

In 2023, the company made a significant international debut with the opening of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi. This expansion showcases United Parks & Resorts Inc.’s commitment to providing exceptional experiences beyond the United States. With this new addition, the company aims to captivate a global audience and further establish its position as a leader in the theme industry.

Rebranding for a Unified Identity

Alongside the name change, United Parks Resorts Inc. will also undergo a stock ticker symbol change from SEAS to PRKS. This alteration reflects the company’s dedication to creating a unified identity and aligning its brand with its diverse collection of park experiences. The new ticker symbol, PRKS, represents the company’s commitment to providing parks and resorts that offer fun, adventure, and unforgettable memories for guests of all ages.

A Digital Transformation: and

In line with the rebranding, United Parks & Resorts Inc. has also launched new websites on February 12, 2024. The company’s online presence will transition to and, offering a seamless and unified digital experience for guests and investors alike. These new websites will provide comprehensive information about the various park brands, attractions, ticketing options, and investment opportunities within the United Parks & Resorts Inc. portfolio.

Final Thoughts

The name change to United Parks & Resorts Inc. marks an exciting chapter for SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. and its collection of park brands. By embracing diversity and maintaining the individual identities of its parks, the company ensures that guests can continue to enjoy the experiences they know and love. With the addition of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi and the rebranding efforts, United Parks & Resorts Inc. is poised to create even more unforgettable moments for guests while inspiring them to protect animals and the wonders of the world.

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