Brands2Life India Set to Expand Business via Collaboration With Opensky Innoventure

Brands2Life India, a leading communications consulting company, has collaborated with Opensky Innoventure to expand business opportunities and reinforce its presence in North East India.

The strategic partnership merges both companies’ expertise and resources to augment their service portfolio and deliver comprehensive communication and marketing solutions to clients in the region.

Abhishek Katiyar, the founder of Brands2Life, said the partnership with Opensky Innoventure enhances their presence and offers integrated communication and marketing solutions. “By combining our strengths and resources, we strive to deliver exceptional results, drive business growth, and build lasting partnerships. We aim to be the go-to agencies for comprehensive marketing solutions in the region.”

Brands2Life India Opensky Innoventure

Vishal Gupta, co-founder of Brands2Life, says they have experienced an overwhelming response from the North East region. He believes the strategic partnership will enable them to capitalize on the opportunities and drive aggressive growth “Our domain expertise and proven track record will be instrumental in successfully penetrating the market.”

Suniti Kumar Bhattacharjya, CEO of Opensky Innoventure, said they will unlock the vast business opportunities in North East India through the partnership. “Our comprehensive communication and marketing solutions enable clients to excel in this region, leveraging local insights and innovative strategies to thrive in this dynamic market. Together, we redefine the communication landscape in North East India.”

Brands2Life specializes in creating captivating brand stories, engaging target audiences, and delivering outstanding outcomes. It enables businesses to excel through comprehensive and impactful solutions.

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Nandika Chand