Charlie Bigham’s Celebrates Food Philosophy and Commitment to Quality

Charlie Bigham’s, a British brand of ready meals, spotlights its homemade, freshly prepared meals and commitment to quality through a new campaign. It also introduces a new brand platform with the message “Handmade in Charlie Bigham’s kitchen, cooked in yours”.

Charlie Bigham’s has developed its latest campaign, a 30-second animated spot, with creative agency VCCP. Patrick Cairns, Charlie Bigham’s CEO, said this is a significant moment in their mission to increase brand awareness amongst consumers who are looking for a freshly prepared alternative to home cooking. “Our recent advertising has demonstrated that our audience identifies with Charlie’s passion for food, which has delivered a four-fold increase in first brand choice. This new campaign is the next step on our brand journey, and we are confident that it will drive sales in 2024.”

Ross Neil, VCCP London deputy ECD, said in most creative projects, the instinct is to keep adding more and more. “Striking a balance was key; too much detail would’ve overpowered the charm we sought – like over-seasoning the perfect fish pie (sorry for that analogy). The challenge lay in animating Charlie authentically. The solution – a tight–knit team fostering honest conversations led to a film we’re immensely proud of. This is the start of a new chapter in Charlie Bigham’s story.”

This campaign challenges the perception of ready meals as mass-produced products that compromise on quality.

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