Chupa Chups Introduces Big Babol Green Apple Flavor for More Excitement

Chupa Chups has added “Green Apple” flavor to its Big Babol chewing gum range creating ripples of excitement among its fan base. It’s available in six pieces per pack. The chewing gum is individually wrapped for hygiene and freshness.

The Big Babol Green Apple is the perfect on-the-go sweet treat to keep in the bag, pocket, car, or at desk. The brand offers long-lasting flavors, and extra-large, fruity parcels of joy that can be shared amongst friends, or savored alone.

Chupa chups Free Teen Girls Blowing Gum Bubbles on Pink Background Stock Photo

Kim McMohan, brand manager at Chupa Chups, said the expansion of their Big Babol portfolio to include Green Apple launches as shoppers are looking for more excitement from their favorite lollipop brand. “Retailers and consumers alike have been clamoring for innovative flavors, with apple flavored gum a popular trend, growing 595 percent vs. last year and we’ve listened.” McMohan pointed out that Chupa Chups currently occupies a 10 percent share of the Kids’ Gum category. The brand is growing at a rapid rate of 51 percent year-on-year. “There’s never been a better time for retailers to stock up and invest.”

Chupa Chups is set to come up with an engaging and multi-platform social media campaign to support the launch of the new Green Apple flavor, ensuring awareness amongst the key teen shopper demographic.

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Nandika Chand