SuperOrdinary Launches Full-Service Suite of TikTok Shop Solutions

Leading global growth partner and brand accelerator SuperOrdinary is revolutionizing the shopping space in the US with its full-service suite of TikTok Shop solutions. It has embarked on partnerships with category-leading brands Milk Makeup, BABOR, BYRD Hair, and Never Have I Ever.

SuperOrdinary will manage everything from account setup to affiliate management, content production, live streaming, and more. Julian Reels, SuperOrdinary CEO, and founder, said they see massive opportunity on this channel and are proud to partner with Milk Makeup, BABOR, BYRD Hair, and Never Have I Ever.

SuperOrdinary said US consumers continue to embrace entertainment-style shopping. About 33 million Americans are expected to buy products through TikTok Shop in 2024 and the US live-streaming e-commerce market is forecast to reach $67 billion in sales in 2026.

SuperOrdinary Closes $58M Series B Funding

These brands share our enthusiasm for social commerce and meeting consumers where they are, and our dedicated US team of social commerce experts is working with them to replicate our continued success in China.”

Tim Saunier, BABOR Cosmetics America CEO, said they are embracing the power of social commerce, particularly on TikTok, through a partnership with SuperOrdinary. BABOR Cosmetics America is redefining its brand presence, not just in the United States, but globally.

SuperOrdinary launched operations on TikTok in China in 2018. Its creator partners have hosted more than 57,000 hours of live streaming on TikTok and platforms like Tmall. According to a press release, the company’s China live-streaming sales exceed $500 million to date with more than 1.11 million product orders. SuperOrdinary announced a successful $58 million Series B round in October, boosting its valuation to more than $800 million.

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