A Fresh Face for Food Activism: Bite Back’s Reimagined Identity

Bite Back, a youth activist movement co-founded by Jamie Oliver in 2019, is on a mission to challenge “a food system that’s been set up to fool us all”, and call out the “junk food giants”. With a youth board of over 70 activists, Bite Back has helped push the UK government to extend free school meals during the lockdown, as well as continually helping local schools, businesses and councils create grassroots impact. Read on to learn more about the rebrand.

A Rebrand with Attitude and Swagger

Working with Wolff Olins, Bite Back has undergone a rebrand that is inspired by “brandalism, the subversion of marketing and critique of corporate control”. The rebrand features an updated color palette inspired by junk food marketing adopting hues such as ‘Chicken Shop Red’, ‘Deep-Fried Yellow’, and ‘Unlicensed Mauve’. The typography used follows suit featuring fonts like ‘Fried Serif’, ‘Sugar Rush Round’, and ‘Cereal Script’.

The refreshed Bite Back logo features a “towering mouth” to highlight the brand is “ready to speak up and bite back against the flood of unhealthy food”. To help bring everything to life, Wolff Olins has also worked with animation studio Animade to create a series of mouth expressions and animations to allow the brand to talk to its many audiences.

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Playful Tone of Voice Highlights Healthy Eating Mission

A central part of the identity is also Bite Back’s tone of voice which plays with the language of food and calling out junk food marketers with phrases and terms such as ‘Cereal Offenders’ and ‘Fuel us, don’t fool us’. As Wolff Olins associate creative director Joe Waterfield explains, “We want to help people have a ‘penny drop moment’ and realize they’re surrounded by junk food marketing every day.”

Image Source: wolffolins.com

Designed to Inspire Grassroots Change for Healthy Eating

With obesity on the rise, Bite Back aims to create a grassroots impact and change attitudes around unhealthy eating. Over the last four years, the activist network has helped expand free school meals and worked with schools and councils to promote healthy options.

Youth Activists | Bite Back | Rebrand
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Inspired by the Activists

The youthful, witty, and sharp activists within Bite Back were the inspiration for this bold new voice. It encapsulates their spirit and determination to drive change.

Image Source: wolffolins.com

Final Thoughts

The rebrand provides Bite Back with an identity to fuel its mission of challenging the junk food giants and creating a healthier food system. Bite Back’s rebrand isn’t just a visual makeover; it’s a rebellious stand against junk food marketing. Wolff Olins has transformed it into a dynamic force, ready to challenge the status quo and fight for a healthier food system.

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Hasin Hamza