A Kingdom’s Heritage on the Global Map: Saudia’s Brand Renewal

Saudia, the national airline of Saudi Arabia, recently unveiled a bold new brand identity. The revamped logo, aircraft livery, uniforms, and more showcase Saudia’s forward-thinking approach. Promoted using the tagline ‘This Is How We Fly’, the rebrand also pays homage to the airline’s rich history and emotional connection with customers. Let’s delve into the details of this captivating rebranding journey.

A Nod to the Past

In Saudia’s updated aircraft livery, the iconic three-striped design has made a comeback in a retro style. The new identity thus incorporates the airline’s rich heritage. Saudia has bid farewell to the light-golden aircraft scheme that was introduced in the 2000s. This livery deviated from the main color that customers immediately associate with their home country: green. However, the new livery marks the return of the iconic 1970s colors, where the green shade takes center stage on the aircraft’s fuselage, engines, and tail. In the new color scheme, it is accompanied by light and dark blue stripes.

Bridging the Globe with Tradition

Even though the new paint job adheres to modern standards, it creates a strong sense of nostalgia. So far, Saudia has applied this throwback design to two Airbus A321neos, two Boeing 787-10 Dreamliners, and one Boeing 777-300ER.

Image Source: www.saudia.com

Ibrahim Al-Omar, the Director General of Saudia, emphasized the significance of the airline’s name and logo. He highlighted their profound connection to Saudi Arabia’s aviation history and development. Al-Omar also underlined the emotional bond people have with the brand. The new identity strikes a balance between preserving this rich heritage and embracing a “visionary approach, poised to captivate the world.”

A Holistic Transformation

Saudia’s rebranding efforts go beyond just logos and livery. The cabin crew uniform exudes professionalism and elegance, reflecting the spirit of the esteemed aviation team. It’s a symbol of the airline’s commitment to providing an exceptional experience from the moment you step on board.

Image Source: www.saudia.com

Technology Meets Tradition

Even as Saudia embraces cutting-edge innovations like artificial intelligence, deep links to Saudi culture remain integral. For instance, the airline’s refreshed cabin crew uniforms expertly blend professionalism and elegance with national pride. In addition to this transformation, Saudia is revolutionizing the way it interacts with its guests by introducing Saudia AI, a first-in-kind conversational service that provides all informational and travel-related needs of passengers. This service blends the latest AI and cloud-based platforms with customer care agents providing personalized support to passengers demonstrating how tradition and tech can intersect.

Image Source: www.saudia.com

Saudia’s loyalty program, AlFursan, has introduced a new Green Tier that incorporates the iconic Saudi green color. This update brings in improved rewards for frequent flyers. The airline has also updated its Guest Class and Business Class cabins to showcase Saudi hospitality and cuisine.

The Future of Flying

The cabins feature modern and innovative interiors, a wide range of entertainment options, and menus infused with the flavors of Saudi cuisine, offering gourmet meals prepared by an onboard chef for Business Class passengers thereby ensuring a delightful flying experience. With this move, Saudia is taking luxury to new heights by blending tradition with new amenities with its exceptional in-flight experiences.

Image Source: www.saudia.com

Final Thoughts

Saudia’s grand transformation captures the essence of Saudi Arabia’s rich heritage while embracing the technological advancements that define the future of air travel. It’s a tribute to tradition and a promise of innovation, all in one remarkable rebranding effort.

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