Pepsi Wants Millennials to ‘Get Wild’ For its Wild Cherry

Pepsi has is capturing the essence of modern adulthood and the new wild realities of millennials and young adults with its new “Get Wild” campaign highlighting the new Wild Cherry variant.

The campaign humorously reflects everyday experiences that millennials face as they navigate their new lives of 24/7 adulting. Pepsi Wild Cherry campaign points out that responsibilities and moments of joy might look different – the moments are wild, and give different vibes.

Wild Cherry Get Wild Pepsi

Jenny Danzi, senior marketing director at Pepsi, says he is a millennial and knows firsthand what it’s like to feel nostalgic for younger and freer days. “I know that we’re also still good at getting a little bit wild. That’s why I love how our new ‘Get Wild’ campaign shows that a sweet, flavorful sip of Pepsi Wild Cherry can inspire us to inspire us to inject some of that ‘wild feeling in our new realities’. We know millennials are seeking fruity and flavorful options when they drink cola, and consumer preferences indicate cherry-flavored cola as a top choice. Now, with the new iconic and gorgeous packaging of Pepsi Wild Cherry – in zero sugar, regular, and diet – Pepsi is all-in with Pepsi Wild Cherry.”

Pepsi understands that getting ‘wild’ looks a little different for millennials as they settle into their adulting roles, and may take to social media to share how while they may have challenges, they are also not giving up their ‘wild’ side.

The campaign ads are directed by filmmaker and comedian Kate Hollowell. The first ad “Nursery Rhymez” features new parents spontaneously breaking out into Lil John and The East Side Boyz’s party-themed 2002 single “Get Low” while trying to stay quiet enough so as not to wake their baby. The second ad #1 Fan highlights the intense pre-game ritual of a sports fan set to the driving rhythm of Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger.

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