Pop-Tarts Bites Refines Marketing Approach, Dives into Data-Driven Solutions

Pop-Tarts Bites has turned to data-driven solutions VidMob to reach out to its consumers and find a finer balance between emotionally led and functional messaging. The brand is revising its approach to performance marketing.

Pop-Tarts is looking at online ads and buying behavior, and trying to attract its next big audience – Gen Z, via technology for personalization and engagement. Nicole Vinson, vice president of global digital, media, and omni-shopper experience at Kellanova, said there are many brands in their portfolio that have great awareness and unaided awareness. She believes one has to balance the short and long term of their investments and driving conversion because it’s not all about awareness, or it’s not all about purchase.

Pop-Tarts Blueberry Bites Package and Strawberry Bites on a blue background

Vinson explained that Pop-Tarts collaboration with VidMob was to ensure that its best practices aligned with platform mandates as an iterative feedback loop. “Every program, every campaign, every piece of creative, ideally, would start to go through a similar process. It’s not that we’re trying to get to paint-by-numbers. It’s to really understand what pieces of creative are working the hardest to drive that business outcome.”

Even though the Pop-Tarts’ ads which appeared on social media platforms and in-feed between April and June were relatively subtle, results-wise there was a difference. Vinson said once an insight has been identified, the next part is to validate it and put it back into the ecosystem again. “It definitely met the expectations and it helped to give us more data to support the hypotheses that we had.”

She said data-driven marketing is all about using the data to remove subjectivity. The executive highlighted that Pop-Tarts Bites’ experiment with VidMob aligns with Kellanova’s ongoing bets around data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. “AI and ML helped the companies better isolate and assess specific elements of the Pop-Tart Bites’ advertisements, including the CTAs, to provide optimal treatments.”

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