Significance of SEO in Digital Marketing 2023

To be found effectively on Google, one needs to deploy SEO. It is all about driving traffic to one’s page or website through organic rankings.

This is the way people discover your content online. Basically, SEO makes the website visible.

With billions of people accessing the internet, SEO is at an all-time high. Marketers use this technique because it’s viable and cost-effective to reach out to consumers. It improves a website’s searchability and visibility. SEO helps get free traffic to your page or website.

What Does Google Say?

Google is a fully automated search engine. It uses web crawlers to explore the web. SEO is a key element for building a Google-friendly website. There’s no guarantee that the crawlers will find a particular site, but search essentials help make the site appear in its search results. To get effective results your site should be:

Descriptive – use accurate, descriptive titles for the page and different products or services, topics for different pages

Topical – keep up with times, update your content so that people notice, and thus traffic to your page or website. Put quality over quantity for best results.

Text – Google says to have the site mentioned in useful places online.

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Here’s a fun fact: Google processes over 5.5 billion searches…imagine the number of websites and articles on the internet and the traffic you need to stay up with Google’s ranking!

Integrating SEO and Content Marketing

Why should you integrate SEO and content marketing together? Well, it’s consumer friendly. Here “keywords” are the core. Keywords are the phrases that the user types on the search engine. Incorporating these keywords or phrases into the content helps search engines, like Google, rank the website pages.

There are two categories of keywords short and long-tail, wherein short keywords are on broad topics and long-tail are specific. Marketers and content writers should take a bit of time to identify and research keywords and incorporate them into their writings to drive traffic.

Keywords help define and design content strategy. It means having headings, and sub-headings, basically breaking the content into individual topic areas. But be sure that there’s no duplicate content. Google easily catches duplicate content and penalizes it. Experts say duplicate content confuses the search engine.

Overall, SEO is an important part of every business’s digital marketing strategy. It cannot be overlooked. Businesses can boost their credibility, authority, and popularity online through SEO.

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