Stella McCartney Sells Sustainability to the World

At last week’s Paris Fashion Week, Stella McCartney hosted a plant-based, nature-positive, solution-focused street market with 21 stalls. Her products ranged from crochet minidresses from seaweed to Linda McCartney veggie burgers. Stella McCartney also unveiled a slew of ready-to-wear looks, from flowing dresses to tailored suits.

Maria Estrada, Nativa’s global sales and marketing director, said Stella McCartney highlighted their partner’s commitment to sustainable and circular fashion and provided suppliers with an opportunity to showcase the valuable work they do.

Stella McCartney said the idea was to show that anyone can wear this stuff. “Anything is better than nothing – just meet people, learn about things, try to take a water bottle next time you go out and a carrier bag next time you shop, and stop consuming quite so much fashion because we know we don’t need it.”

The fashion designer believes fashion has always been a place where people find their family and their gang, and this is a moment for a community that cares about fashion and the environment to come together. She collaborated with her father, British singer-songwriter Paul McCartney, for part of the collection on the catwalk. It celebrated clothes that were handed down through generations. Paul and Linda McCartney’s rock ‘n roll lifestyles were channeled into vintage brand merchandise.

Stella McCartney’s event attracted A-list stars like Robert Downey Jr., Paris Hilton, and Cole Sprouse, among others.

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Nandika Chand