The Perfume Shop and L’Oreal Collaborate for Multi-Brand Fragrance Refill Station

The Perfume Shop and L’Oreal have teamed up to give the United Kingdom its first multi-brand fragrance refill station in Nottingham. This station is stocked with L’Oreal’s best-selling fragrances, including YSL’s MYSELF, Prada’s Paradoxe, Lancome’s La Vie Est Belle, Armani’s Codem Si and My Way, among others.

The multi-brand refill station has been designed to fit within The Perfume Shop’s store look and feel. Gill Smith, managing director of The Perfume Shop, said they are delighted to be introducing the UK’s first multi-brand fragrance refill station. “Sustainability for The Perfume Shop is so important to us as a business and we know that fragrance is the leading innovation in the market for refillable prestige beauty products, so this couldn’t come at a better time for our loyal customers.”

The Perfume Shop and L'Oréal launch multi brand fragrance refill station - Premium Beauty News

He said demand for refillable fragrances is growing, up 23 percent compared to +9 percent for non-refillable fragrances. Environmentally conscious consumers are opting for sustainable options. Moreover, The Perfume Shop and L’Oreal initiative increases the distribution of perfume refills and widens the choice of perfumes available to refill in-store.

James Rickards, luxe managing director from L’Oreal UK & Ireland, said sustainability is at the heart of their business. “This innovation is an important step in making refills accessible both in-store with our multi-brand fountain, and at home with our strong portfolio of refill cartridges. Our luxury refillable fragrances don’t just benefit the environment but also our consumers because the more they refill their fragrances, the more money they save tool.”

Customers will be able to save up to 35 percent versus purchasing a new bottle of the scent for the first time.

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