Audi Collaborates With PHD Media and Kerv Interactive to Test A New Ad Product

  Through a partnership with PHD Media and Kerv Interactive, Audi of America has launched ads with personalized QR codes. Audi of America emerged as the first advertiser to test Kerv’s new Dynamic Destination ad product. This had one OTT ad generate QR codes directing viewers to dealerships in 115 separate zip codes. The collaboration […]

Revamp Your Brand With These Inspirational Brand Architecture Strategies

Brand Architecture refers to the logical, strategic and relational structure for brands. It is defined as an integrated process of brand building through establishing brand relationships among branding options in the competitive environment. Naming hierarchies or brand architecture can be tricky. Tricky because there is no right way of going about it. What worked very […]

The Mailerlite Story: What Happens When You Aren’t The First Mover

What do you do when you are the last one to join the party? What do you do when you don’t have the moolah to outspend your counterparts? What do you do when you are fighting against giants? You choose your battles wisely. Nothing epitomizes that like Mailerlite does. Mailerlite is an email marketing tool […]

7 Characteristics of a Strong Brand Strategy

A brand strategy can take as many forms as the number of brands that exist in the world. However, they fulfill certain criteria to successfully reach their brand goals. Here are the 7 most important criteria to check if you have developed a good and effective brand strategy.   1. Provides a clear overall direction […]

How to Create a Strong Brand Strategy in Three Stages

Brand strategies come in all shapes and sizes. Designing one that fits your brand and company goals is one of the most rewarding and profitable assignments you can engage in. You already know why a brand strategy is important. Your next step will be to formulate a compelling brand strategy. Although every company follows a […]

4 Reasons why Brand Strategy is Important for your Company

Brand strategy is such an understated word. As marketers, we sometimes truly do not understand the full extent of the word and often abuse it. Strategy is the overall game plan to reach a long-term goal. For brands, these goals could be anything from increasing brand awareness to expanding market share. A strategy would be […]

5 Reasons Why All Start-ups Need Branding

When you are worried about where your next seed capital will come from or how you can possibly patent your ingenious idea, branding will be the last thing on your mind. According to all start-up CEOs, the logos, images and marketing can wait for later. What they don’t realise is that branding is more than […]

Make Rebranding Work For You

A brand is worthless if it doesn’t connect with the right audience in a relevant way. In a fast-paced world, where consumer choices, demands and favourites change overnight, businesses often comes off bad. It’s unrealistic for an organisation to believe that the perfect mix of products, systems, infrastructure and workforce is at the top of […]