Careem Unveils New Brand Identity in Middle East With Refreshed Logo

Careem Refreshed Logo

Careem has undergone rebranding as the company transitioned from a ride-hailing platform to an “everything app”. Now, each of the company’s services, including Careem Pay, Careem Food, and Careem Quik, has become an individual sub-brand within its overarching brand house. The brand refresh includes new color palettes and graphic elements to reflect each sub-brand, with […]

High-Income Shoppers Continue to Spend on Hermes’ Pricey Products

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Uber-luxury brand Hermes recorded 23% sales growth in the first quarter owing to the rising demand in all of its international markets. In the U.S., sales rose 19% off good momentum, while in Asia, mainly China, it surged 23%. Hermes said sales were particularly dynamic in all geographical areas and across all business lines. The […]

E& Aims for Better Brand Reach with Major Stake Acquisition of Careem App

Emirates Telecommunications Group Company (e&) has made a strategic move by acquiring a majority stake in Careem‘s Super App business for $400 million. e& will be the majority investor in Careem’s Super App services, including food delivery, groceries, and payment solutions. Meanwhile, Uber remains the sole owner of Careem’s ride-hailing business. The move is expected […]

9 top rebrands of the year 2018

2018 rebrands - comedy central

Consistency had made its way out, and now, everybody seeks Dynamism. Dynamic developments are indeed, crowd-pleasing as it focuses on future trends and customer interactions. Such changes are happening everywhere. And for the year 2018, it was massive. Instagram started IGTV, Justin Bieber got Hitched, Trump stepped up his anti-media attacks, Apple upgraded to dual […]

Taking a U-turn: Uber rebrands again

Taking a U-turn: Uber rebrands again

Rebranding is a bit complicated and risky. But it is even cumbersome and more perilous if once failed and unraveled again! To sort out the entanglements and to separate right from wrong is tricky. And this is what Uber is trying to do! Uber is redefining the brand, once again after the messy rebrand done […]