Uber Eats and Waymo Partner to Deliver Orders in Phoenix

After a successful partnership with Waymo for providing autonomous rides in Phoenix, Uber Eats has collaborated for deliveries with the American autonomous driving technology company.

Uber Eats consumers in Tempe, Mesa, and Chandler in Phoenix may have their orders delivered by an autonomous vehicle. Uber said they are working with select merchants in the area, including Pita, Filiberto’s, and BoSa Donuts.

Uber Eats and Waymo Partner to Deliver Orders in Phoenix

Consumers placing an order in Phoenix, where the service is available, will see a prompt in the Uber Eats app that says “Autonomous vehicles may deliver your order”. They will have the opportunity to opt out at checkout if they prefer to have their items delivered by a courier.

Uber said when the autonomous vehicle arrives, the customer will receive an in-app notification to take their phone with them to unlock the vehicle and collect their items. The new partnership between Uber Eats and Waymo reflects both companies’ mission to encourage zero-emissions trips and unlock greater innovation for consumers and merchants in Phoenix and other areas.

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Nandika Chand