Chips Ahoy! Revamps Classic Brand with Improved Chocolate Chips

America’s favorite chocolate chip cookie brand Chips Ahoy! is introducing a new recipe in an effort to revamp its taste. The new cookie ‘MMMproved’ will look and feel the same, but with a refreshed taste that features chocolate chips with higher cocoa and Madagascar vanilla extract content.

Sabrina Sierant, senior director at Chips Ahoy! highlighted that the brand has been around for over 60 years. “We know consumers have more choices than ever and taste is king when it comes to sweet snacks, so we felt we owed it to our fans to make sure we are constantly pushing ourselves to up our game.”

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MMMproved recipe is the biggest innovation to the Chips Ahoy! original cookie in 10 years. The company said the specially blended chocolate chips will be used exclusively in the new cookies, giving the treat a richer cookie flavor and creamy chocolate taste. Moreover, MMMproved will come with a new packaging design with a combination of improvements. This includes an updated logo, and a more crave-able image of the MMMproved cookie, more prominent background graffiti reflecting the brand personality with a matte packaging finish – making it a more modern and fun design.

Sierant said Chips Ahoy! cookies have been beloved by generations and have over 53 percent market share. “But in a category where taste is king and many chocolate chip cookies look the same, we wanted to challenge ourselves to step up our quality while staying true to what our fans already love. This was a daunting task, we heard time and again ‘don’t mess with the cookies we love’, but we knew we could bring Chips Ahoy! fans an even higher quality cookie that maintains all the things they already loved, like just the right amount of chip to cookie ratio.”

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She revealed the company tested more than 60 recipes and five thousand hours in the kitchen. The executive believes MMMproved original blue-bag recipe is the best overall cookie experience Chips Ahoy! ever created.

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