Pinterest Enhances Boards Feature, Sharable to Other Social Platforms

Pinterest has introduced a new board-sharing feature to allow users to share dynamic videos of their favorite Pinterest boards to other social platforms. Be it dream home décor or the ultimate travel bucket list, Pinterest has simplified the process of sharing Pinned content. Users can now include a link for others to explore their entire board on the platform.

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Pinterest recognizes that users regard the boards as personal sanctuaries for dreaming up their world and showcasing their unique personalities and aesthetics. It serves as a space for self-discovery and expression. Users shape their identities on their terms, free from external pressures.

The platform partnered with Canadian pop-punk singer Avril Lavigne and Tierra Whack, an American rapper and singer, to unveil their personal boards. It will highlight the artists’ unique styles and visions with their fans, making it easier for them to find inspiration from their captivating and imaginative boards.

Moreover, Lavigne is unveiling a Pinterest board with fashion inspiration for her upcoming tour, an ode to her iconic Y2K aesthetic. She said that she has been using Pinterest for a long time and many of her creative projects start on her personal Pinterest boards. “It helps me get my ideas straight so that when I am working with my team, everyone is on the same page. I am excited about this new way of sharing boards because the possibilities to let people into my creative process are now even easier.”

Pinterest Enhances Boards Feature, Sharable to Other Social Platforms

Whack is also renowned for her effortlessly cool aesthetic. She uses Pinterest to store her eclectic interests and gather inspiration for multiple creative projects. The rapper shared that Pinterest is a creative haven where she captures all the fascinating interests. “With my thoughts racing at lightning speed, it is the perfect tool to organize every fleeting idea to ensure nothing is lost in the chaos,” Whack said. “My boards are a random mosaic of my creative thoughts ready to spark my imagination. I am excited to share my board with everyone. It is more than just a collection of images, it’s inspiration waiting to provoke new ideas and creativity.”

Pinterest has introduced new boards feature so that users can share their unique ideas and projects on other social platforms to generate interest.

Users can share their Pinterest boards by going to the public board that they want to share:

  • Tap the share icon in the top right
  • A video will auto-generate
  • Click on the ‘Add to Story’ button or ‘Download’ the video to share anywhere
  • Optional: tap the ‘Edit’ icon to edit Pins or select a different template
  • Copy board link
  • Click on the ‘share story’ button. Instagram will open automatically
  • On Instagram, tap on the ‘Stickers’ icon
  • Choose ‘link’, paste the board’s URL and click ‘done’
  • Share to your stories

Pinterest’s latest feature allows users to foster genuine engagement in diverse and niche communities. It inspires creative projects.

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