Minute Maid Gives Dose of Vitamin D Via Reimagined Billboards

Minute Maid is giving the masses an extra dose of essential Vitamin D through three uniquely styled billboards.

The brand has deployed:

  1. Reflective Billboard – to reflect the sunlight down to the street level, redirecting sunlight into the area buildings will have blocked
  2. Open Billboard – this allows sunlight to shine directly through, removing shadows that the billboard will previously have cast
  3. The Extended Shelter – this is actually a redesigned bus shelter, with a seat at the end that allows passengers to sit in the sunlight while waiting for the bus.

This campaign is a collaborative work by Minute Maid and WPP’s Open X. It offers a unique way to help everyone feel filled with life through the power of the sun. Minute Maid has reimagined traditional media, where the sun can naturally be found – Out of Home. The brand is bringing the sun back into people’s daily lives.

Desiree Ferrari, global director, shopper and consumer content at The Coca-Cola Company, said Minute Maid, as an iconic brand, has always brought the essence of nature into people’s homes. “We are happy to see the new global brand platform ‘Filled with Life’ executed through a campaign made of unconventional formats that really brings the source of life, the sun and its benefits to people, and in those places that need it the most.”

Rafael Pitanguy, deputy global chief creative officer at VMLY&R, said the campaign is about authentically connecting with the audience and enhancing their access to sunlight. “People won’t just see and read Minute Maid’s latest campaign, but they will actually feel it.”