Scented Soundscape: How Øthers’ Rebrand Amplifies Sensory Exploration?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience a fragrance that is not only a scent but also a sound? A fragrance that takes you on a journey of the senses, where you can immerse yourself in tailored sounds that match the mood and the essence of the scent? A fragrance that is not just a product, but also a ritual, a story, and a mystery? That’s Øthers, a new brand that blends olfactory and audio experiences. Øthers have created a stunning visual identity that reflects their concept of natural and digital harmony, using typography, grids, and motion. Let’s see how Øthers did it, and what it means for you.

A Harmonious Blend of Fragrance and Sound

Embracing the power of scent and sound, Øthers offers a transformative journey for the senses. Crafted in Lisbon’s esteemed White Mirror Lab, their home and body fragrances are paired with a cutting-edge app that immerses users in tailored sounds curated by renowned composer Alex Ebert and electronic music producer Max Cooper. This innovative fusion aims to transport individuals into a world where aromas and melodies intertwine, creating a truly unique and captivating experience.

The Intricate Identity Design

Øthers enlisted Two Times Elliott to craft a multidimensional identity befitting its immersive sensory experience. Strategic systems stir discovery through subtle shifts in structure. At the core of the brand’s identity lies an “orderly yet unpredictable” grid system, acting as a membrane that allows motion elements to synthesize. The interchangeable nature of this grid system prevents it from becoming rigid and digital, offering a sense of fluidity that mirrors the very essence of Øthers’ experience-led fragrance.

Crafting a Sensorial Experience

From packaging to typography, every aspect of Øthers’ design is imbued with intentionality and artistry. The fragrance, available in two captivating scents – Mystic Zingaro and Red Skies – is housed in meticulously crafted packaging designed in collaboration with Imprimerie du Marais. With 3D sculpted embossed lettering and metallic finishes, each box is a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation and beauty. Organic codes and evolving logics guide exploration amid continuous sorting movements between vision and vapor. Through balancing borders and breaking boundaries, Øthers’ considered design cultivates new sensory dimensions with each unfolding layer. Its identity awakens discovery as richly textured as the experience it encapsulates.

*All media used are credited to Two Times Elliot

The Big Picture

Øthers transcends fragrance, becoming an alchemy of mind and material. By seamlessly blending fragrances and sounds, the brand invites individuals to embark on a captivating journey of discovery, harmonizing mind and body. Transformational scents unlock supplemental sensations through a meticulously crafted, multi-layered identity. Two Times Elliott conducts an orchestration of elements, where grid systems shift and textures emerge, weaving intrigue as forms fluidly fuse. Precision pairings of colors and typography, both digital and physical, awaken intrigue at each phase. Guiding lights groom discovery as prints populate portals to new depths. Øthers’ alchemy activates through intricately composed combinations, stirring endless epochs of enlightenment with every new inhalation. Its meticulous manifestations magnify mindfulness with each meticulously crafted encounter.

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