TNW Conference 2023: Uniting the Best Minds in Tech & Entrepreneurship

The TNW Conference 2023 stands as an unrivaled event that beckons not only the ardent tech enthusiasts but also the trailblazing minds and visionary leaders of the industry. As Amsterdam prepares to welcome a staggering convergence of over 10,000 attendees, it becomes evident that TNW Conference 2023 is the definitive destination for the daring and ambitious entrepreneurs who dare to dream big. Let’s look into the compelling reasons why your presence at TNW Conference 2023 is not merely advantageous but indeed indispensable.

A Nexus of Influential Connections

TNW Conference 2023 pulsates with the fervor of high-level networking opportunities, facilitating meaningful interactions with distinguished executives, dynamic startup visionaries, and astute international investors. Within the confines of this event, you will find yourself amidst the luminaries who shape the contours of our collective future, bearing witness to their profound impact firsthand.


Embarking on a Startup Odyssey

Envisaged as a veritable catalyst for growth and visibility, the TNW Startup Program bestows upon nascent enterprises a remarkable chance to burgeon, expand their horizons, and bask in the glow of widespread recognition at Europe’s premier tech congregation. Here, the stage is set for startups to harness optimal exposure to a discerning customer base, astute investors, and an eager media landscape. The program serves as an invaluable gateway, providing burgeoning enterprises with an indelible imprint in the annals of international industry leaders, influential policymakers, and seasoned investors. To stake your claim in the future of technology, TNW for Startups stands as an irrefutable imperative.

At TNW Conference 2023, possibilities abound, dreams take flight, and innovation thrives. Mark your presence at this extraordinary event, and be prepared to be part of a transformative journey that transcends boundaries and redefines the very fabric of our technological landscape.

Sector Spotlights and Pitch Battle Finale

TNW Conference’s Sector Spotlights and Pitch Battle Finale represent an exciting journey that celebrates innovation, disruption, and excellence. The winners from each Sector Spotlight advance to the Pitch Battle Finale, where they get an opportunity to get infront of a panel of judges made up of investors, journalists, executives, and industry leaders. This is a chance to gain unprecedented exposure, connect with influential figures, and secure the resources you need to take your startup to soaring heights.

TNW for Investors

The TNW for Investors programme provides investors with comprehensively curated and personalised experiences, including access to all participating startups. With the Investors Lounge, investors can generate visibility for their fund and facilitate meaningful interactions with entrepreneurs and financiers who are shaping tech’s future. TNW goes the extra mile to ensure investors have access to mentoring opportunities, matchmaking support, and other resources that foster new business prospects.

Equal Opportunity and Access

TNW believes that equal opportunity and access to the tech scene are crucial for a better and brighter future. Through initiatives like Women in Tech, Under 30s, and Group ticket options, TNW aims to create opportunities and facilitate access to world-class events.

Impressive Lineup of Speakers

One of the key highlights of the conference is the diverse lineup of over 270 speakers, who will share their expertise and first-hand experiences in tech. These speakers will cover industry-leading themes such as Digital Commerce, Future Tech, Inclusive Tech, and the Creator Economy.

Long story short, TNW Conference 2023 is an unmissable event that offers attendees the opportunity to network with industry leaders, showcase their startups, gain unprecedented exposure, and connect with influential figures. With a diverse lineup of speakers and a range of initiatives, including TNW for Startups and TNW for Investors, TNW Conference 2023 is the ultimate destination for ambitious entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking to secure funding, grow your business, or build brand awareness, TNW Conference 2023 is the perfect platform to get in front of an audience of investors, changemakers, and potential customers. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be part of the future of tech. Register for TNW Conference 2023 today!


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Hasin Hamza