Castrol’s Refreshed Brand Unveiled with Sonic Identity and Modern Look

Castrol, a global leader in lubricants and part of the bp group, has recently announced the launch of its refreshed brand. The refreshed brand includes an updated logo, a new sonic identity, and a modern, dynamic, and vibrant design aimed at reflecting its unique positioning in the market and meeting the changing needs of customers.

According to Castrol, the refreshed brand identity is the result of a comprehensive brand strategy process, which involved extensive research, analysis, and input from stakeholders, customers, and industry experts. The company aims to broaden its appeal with a more diverse customer base in lubricants, services, and solutions.

Castrol has retained its iconic red, green, and white colours in its refreshed brand identity, which are strongly associated with the brand, and aims to enhance its digital brand recall. The brand refresh also includes a new sonic identity, crafted to enhance the refreshed visual look and feel, with music and sound design that strongly elicits feelings of acceleration, forward momentum, and dynamic movement.

Castrol’s chief marketing officer, Nicola Buck, stated that the refreshed brand identity reflects the company’s commitment to investing in the future and creating new opportunities for growth and success. Buck added that the worlds of mobility and industry are facing faster-than-ever changes as the world transforms and aims for net zero, and customers want more sustainable solutions. Change is vital for Castrol to thrive.

Michelle Jou, chief executive officer of Castrol, believes that refreshing a globally recognized brand is not just about changing its appearance or messaging. It’s about reinvigorating its essence and relevance in today’s world. Jou added that a refreshed brand should not be just a cosmetic exercise, but a strategic imperative that drives growth, differentiation, and long-term success.

Castrol’s refreshed brand is a powerful future distinctive brand asset that will drive awareness and memorability. The company worked with branding and design agency Landor and Fitch and sonic branding agency Massive Music to develop its refreshed brand identity.

To sum it up, Castrol’s refreshed brand identity is a result of extensive market research and customer feedback aimed at meeting the evolving needs of its customers. The brand refresh showcases Castrol’s focus on delivering cutting-edge solutions tailored to the specific needs of its customers. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, Castrol is well-positioned to meet the changing needs of the market and continues to be a leading provider of lubricants and related services globally.