Crimtan Partners with Fast Train Media to Provide Innovative Digital Advertising Solution

Crimtan has collaborated with Fast Train Media, the company renowned for innovative global travel guides ‘London Cheapo’, ‘Tokyo Cheapo’, ‘Japan Cheapo’, and ‘Hong Kong Cheapo’. This partnership will integrate Crimtan’s programmatic expertise with Fast Train Media’s first-party data to provide advertisers with an innovative digital advertising solution.

Brands will be able to reach travelers irrespective of where they are on their travel journey. Moreover, advertisers can reap benefits from cross-channel opportunities via display and newly digitized platforms, like connected televisions (CTVs) and audio.

Joshua Wilson, Commercial Director JAPAC at Crimtan, said combining Fast Train Media data signals with Crimtan’s ArchiTECH platform will allow brands to interact with not only highly relevant inbound audiences but in destination audiences too. “Pairing these data signals with Crimtan’s sophisticated dynamic creative capabilities; brands will be able to engage with potential customers in real-time in a personalized way.”

Crimtan Partners with Fast Train Media to Provide Innovative Digital Advertising Solution

Wilson highlighted that two main approaches will continue to shape the marketing industry – contextual targeting and first-party data. “While the latter relies on data from the website visitors themselves, there are challenges in scalability. Crimtan has established partnerships with publishers such as Fast Train Media to bring a high-quality audience pool to brands who are looking to leverage our ability to deliver the most relevant messaging across the customer lifecycle journey.”

Gregory Lane, Director at Fast Train Media, said their first-party data is unique as it understands every traveler’s journey from the planning phase to when they are in-market and traveling. “We can share this insight and service with prospective brands looking to reach a specific group of travelers or throughout the travel journey. With Crimtan powering this partnership, we believe it provides brands with a new and unique opportunity and platform to expand outside of their existing reach.”

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