‘Salad and Go’ Has the Right Offering – Fresh, Nutritious, and Affordable

After a successful 2023, Salad and Go a one-of-a-kind drive-thru, strives to continue opening nearly a store per week in 2024. It has more than doubled its footprint in the US with 130 locations across Arizona, Nevada, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Salad and Go offers a healthy alternative to traditional fast food. It boasts a unique model that leverages Central Kitchens to offer made-to-order options at under $7 for a salad with a protein. The brand’s menu, curated by Michelin-star-trained Chef Daniel Patino, includes wraps and breakfast items as well as hand-crafted lemonades, teas, and hot and cold brew coffee.

Salad and Go will open in Queen Creek - AZ Big Media food

Charlie Morrison, the CEO, says the brand was designed around the idea of completely rebuilding the supply chain. “2023 was a year of exceptional growth but 2024 will be a breakout year for Salad and Go. We have the right offering and the right team at the right time. We are at an inflection point in this country where Americans are demanding more from restaurant chains. They shouldn’t have to compromise on fresh, nutritious food that’s also convenient and affordable.” Morrison highlighted that the unique thing about Salad and Go is that it enjoys a two-daypart single occasion. “You can show up at 6.30 in the morning and get your breakfast burrito, get your cold brew coffee or hot coffee, and get your salad for lunch during the same occasion.”

He said Salad and Go is here to resolve the conflict between accessibility, affordability, and wellness. “With our vertically integrated model, we’ve been able to take a lot of cost out of the system and return those savings to the consumers so we can democratize healthy choices for all.”

Nicole Portwood, the Chief Marketing Officer, believes the food industry lacks a leader that provides healthy, convenient, and accessible meals at a reasonable price point. “We are here to change that. We are on a path to prove that by leading with operational excellence and a focus on serving our communities, mixed with relentless optimism, we can shift the narrative.”

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