Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney Voice Up for M&S Food

M&S has deployed Hollywood actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney for the brand’s Christmas advert. The duo gives voice to mittens – Left and Right. The mittens eventually find their way back to their owner a young girl called Lilly.

Sharry Cramond, marketing director of M&S Food, said a series of six ads will be released at different points between now and New Year. It will explore all of the different products in the M&S Food range this year, starting off with Lilly’s mittens.

M&S Food | Christmas Advert | Ryan Reynolds | Rob McElhenney

“Last Christmas was pretty award-winning. We were named by Kantar as having a campaign that was one of the most powerful and differentiated of all Christmas TV ads in the market. So why change a winning formula for this year?”

Robbie Black, head of food marketing at M&S, said food is the real star of the show. “Fairy and the Mittens are the magical guides to everything we have to offer. We’re sure that everyone will be excited about Ryan and Rob voicing the Mittens this year, and our wider partnership with Wrexham AFC. We’re also sure people will be just as excited about our food.”

The ad begins with Dawn French’s Festive Fairy casting a spell with her magic wand, to bring the snow-covered reindeer mittens to life. The Fairy grabs the mittens and flies them across the room, saying she will sprinkle them with some M&S Christmas before they pull a Christmas cracker in front of a buffet of festive food.

The mittens hang some mistletoe and the Fairy accidentally sets one on fire while lighting the Christmas pudding. It’s a hilarious, chaotic M&S Christmas advert.

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