The Rock Co-Founded ZOA Launches ‘Fuel Something Bigger’

ZOA, an energy drink co-founded by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, has launched a new marketing platform Fuel Something Bigger for a larger refresh. This is part of a broader pivot for the brand as it moves away from black 16-ounce cans to a brighter look.

The campaign follows ZOA’s commercial last winter starring Dwayne Johnson. Matt Stallman, a senior portfolio manager for non-alcohol brands, said the platform is core to the brand’s identity. “We’re moving out of the gym and into the kitchen, the office, and the recording studio.” Stallman touted ZOA as an energy drink for every occasion and for every type of person. “We want people to see themselves in ZOA and all the energy-drink occasions, whether it’s your morning commute, your afternoon pick-me-up or something else.”

Regular people, like an architect, a rock climber, and a chef are featured in the ads sipping ZOA while they go about achieving their goals of focusing on a project, reaching the top of a rock wall, and relaxing after a long day in a food truck.

ZOA celebrates everyday warriors. With Fuel Something Bigger, the brand seeks to inspire the way people are consuming and using energy, directing consumers to reach their full potential, to grow, inspire others, set new goals, and start a movement beyond themselves. ZOA will more than double its marketing investment throughout 2023 to focus on this new campaign and shopper marketing efforts through a variety of channels, including digital, out-of-home, and paid social media.

According to the press release, Dwayne Johnson said they are passionate about what they are building with ZOA, and fueling something bigger with their enhanced product and bold new design. “We are building a passionate and motivated ZOA community, and we’re inspired to help people reach their full potential, with ZOA energy being one of the catalysts for them to do so.

ZOA The Rock Fuel Something Bigger

Danny Garcia, co-founder, and chief visionary officer, said ZOA was founded to positively energize the world, giving people the better-for-you boost they need to get more out of their lives. “ZOA proved to be one of the fastest growing energy drinks of 2022 surpassing our expectations of how quickly we could have an impact in this very competitive category.”

Garcia said this campaign is more than just about ZOA’s new look and feel – it’s about enhancing the brand’s deliverables to the ZOA consumer and setting the pace for what’s next.

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