PetSmart Has Dana Carvey Playing King Charles III to Encourage Viewers to Adopt a Dog

Comedian Dana Carvey is King Charles III in PetSmart Charities’ latest campaign “PetSmart Charities Coronation – Adopt Royalty” to encourage people to adopt a dog.

The campaign, the works of Maximum Effort – a film production company and digital marketing agency co-founded by Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds, sheds light on uniting adoptable pets with loving homes.

PetSmart Charities hopes to relieve overcrowded and struggling shelters. The campaign was released just ahead of the coronation. It has Carvey’s King Charles making the connection between his name and that of a beloved family dog breed – Cavalier King Charles spaniel. He asks viewers to refrain from buying a King Charles spaniel on coronation day, and instead to adopt a shelter dog.

PetSmart dog

The campaign drew inspiration from reports for demand for dog breeds from popular movies and television shows, such as Dalmatians tied to the popular 1990s movie and TV series about the iconic black-and-white pups. Animal welfare organizations say the dogs are surrendered to shelters when people discover the breed isn’t the right fit for their family or their lifestyle.

Aimee Gilbreath, president of PetSmart Charities, said they had to draw attention to this pressing issue. “There are few moments bigger than the coronation of a new king, and there is an urgent need for people with big love and a little extra space in their homes to adopt a new best friend. We’re excited for the opportunity to get more pets adopted into loving homes so families can experience the mutual benefits of caring for a pet.”

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PetSmart Charities highlights the need for shelter pets to find loving homes. It says more than five million pets enter shelters each year. It has led to severe overcrowding and a strain on resources for shelters, rescues and animal welfare organizations. PetSmart Charities urges families to consider adoption and talk with shelters and animal welfare organizations that can help them find the perfect match.

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