Creative Coding Unleashed: Mux’s Updated Identity Reflects Innovation

Mux, a groundbreaking video platform that has worked with the likes of Vimeo, TED, and Paramount, recently underwent a rebrand to better align with its future-facing product. The new identity, created by the Australian agency ForThePeople, focuses on fun and functionality. Let’s take a closer look at the importance of embracing creativity in the coding world, as well as ForThePeople’s design process and the “Built to Play” tagline that helped Mux establish a new identity.

The Importance of Tapping into the Creative Side of Coding

Many people assume that coding is a straightforward and formulaic process that doesn’t leave much room for creativity. However, developers are often creative people who view code as a tool for possibility and find joy in the complexity of their craft. When brands fail to speak this side of developers’ personalities, they risk presenting them with uninspiring visuals and messaging. This is where Mux found itself before it approached the Australian agency For The People for a branding refresh.

For The People’s Design Process and the “Built to Play” Tagline

For The People’s design team recognized the inherently creative nature of developers and set out to create an identity that reflected this. They began by delving into the intricate processes that take place behind the screen, even down to the smallest processing unit – the macroblock. They combined this with a motion to create a system that could move between the worlds of ‘Build’ and ‘Play’ and established the “Built to Play” tagline. The new branding features a tension between fun and function, with contrasts between neutral colors and vibrant hues, the use of the typeface Rotonto by Supernulla Creative Studio, and a logo inspired by Erector sets that include slider toggles that shift the product between its build and play states.

A More Accurate Reflection of Mux’s Potential

The success of the branding refresh points to the fact that product-focused B2B brands can be bold and have a point of view. By challenging perceptions of what developer brands can be, Mux has been able to connect with developers on an emotional level and encourage them to innovate and play. The website is filled with easter eggs that hint at the possibilities, accentuating the playfulness at the heart of the identity. For The People’s attention to detail and dedication to speaking the language of code ensured that the refresh was functional and well-received by its developer audience.

Final Thoughts

Mux branding refresh is a prime example of how creativity and coding can work hand in hand. By recognizing the creative potential of developers and tapping into it, Mux was able to establish an identity that accurately reflects the potential of its product and the capabilities of its target audience. This serves as a reminder that product-focused B2B brands can be bold and have a point of view, and that it’s possible to challenge perceptions and connect with audiences on an emotional level.


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Hasin Hamza