Trustpilot’s New Visual Identity: A Fresh Look at User Reviews

Trustpilot, the Danish review website, has recently undergone a visual overhaul that celebrates its diverse range of user reviews. The new look, designed by independent creative company Barkas, takes a unique approach to branding by embracing the full spectrum of customer experiences. Let’s take a closer look at Trustpilot’s new visual identity, including its […]

Crafting Coffee with a Conscience: Utopian Coffee Puts Origin & Flavor First In Their New Look

Utopian Coffee

Utopian Coffee, the craft coffee company founded by backpacking vagabond Brendon Maxwell, has updated its branding and packaging. The rebranding was aimed to better reflect Utopian’s commitment to ethical and sustainable coffee supply chains while infusing personality and meaning into the brand’s visual identity.  The Story Behind Utopian Coffee Utopian Coffee, founded by Brendon Maxwell, […]

From Trash to Treasure: Coachtopia to Become The Next Big Thing in Sustainable Fashion

Coach, the American fashion brand, has launched a new line called Coachtopia, which is made entirely from material waste. The sub-brand uses scraps and excess material from the brand’s traditional manufacturing processes to create vibrant floral patterns and other embellishments. The launch is part of Coach’s efforts to transform its supply chain and move toward […]

Connecting Creativity and Branding with WeTransfer’s Commercial Campaign

WeTransfer has always been a game-changer when it comes to moving information around, and now, the company is taking a step further to showcase its love for ingenuity with a dynamic branding campaign titled “Think it. Make it. Move it.” The campaign is an ode to creativity and the journey that ideas take from the […]

Revolutionizing Audio Ads: Discover Instreamatic’s Contextual Audio Ads

The digital advertising industry is facing a challenge in engaging consumers with traditional ad types. Consumers are becoming more resistant to generalized advertising that relies on bombarding audiences with ad quantity to earn conversions. However, Instreamatic‘s advanced AI marketing solution has come up with a solution to this challenge. They have launched Contextual Audio Ads, […]

Let’s Welcome a Brand New Year: Six Branding Ideas for 2023

Over the years, brands have sought to meet the needs of people and offer meaningful experiences. Even though a number of factors may influence branding trends, one thing is sure: your brand will have to live up to its values in the future. As consumers become more dissatisfied with brand actions and inactions (sometimes louder), […]

Metaverse: A New Era for Global Marketing

Metaverse: A New Era for Global Marketing

The digital marketing space is on a great leap and Metaverse technology is making this happen by giving a whole new look by creating a virtual world of opportunities for marketing. Due to the rapid advancement of the digital sphere, it makes sense to embrace the latest method of marketing. By utilising the technology, companies […]

From Red Sea and Beyond


The Red Sea Development Company (TRSDC), one of the leading tourist development projects of Saudi Arabia, specialised in Red Sea Project, has recently rebranded to Red Sea Global (RSG). Last Tuesday, the announcement was made by the company during the sixth edition of Future Investment Initiative in Riyadh on Oct. 25. This rebranding is part […]

4 branding lessons from PepsiCo at Dubai Expo 2020

4 branding lessons from PepsiCo at Dubai Expo 2020

PepsiCo was named the official beverage and snack partner of Dubai Expo 2020 over two years ago. The Expo will begin on October 1, 2021, and is expected to be one of the biggest in history, unparalleled in size and global participation. PepsiCo has taken several steps to make the most out of its partnership […]