Rediscovering Majesty: Liverpool Cathedral’s Momentous Rebrand

Liverpool Cathedral, the architectural giant that dominates Britain’s skyline, is not just a place of worship but a cultural hub that has stood the test of time. As it approaches its 100th anniversary, the cathedral unveils a new brand identity that beckons visitors to rediscover its grandeur and the city of Liverpool itself. Let’s explore more about their new identity.

Rediscovering Majesty: Liverpool Cathedral's Momentous Rebrand

Celebrating a Hundred Years of Heritage and Community

Constructed over a span of 74 years, Liverpool Cathedral is not only Britain’s largest but also the world’s longest cathedral. This year, as it celebrates its centenary, the cathedral remains a testament to the city’s resilience and spirit. With over 800,000 visitors annually, it’s clear that the cathedral’s appeal transcends religious boundaries, drawing in people with its rich arts and events program.

Liverpool Cathedral

A New Vision for an Iconic Landmark

The rebranding initiative led by Poke Marketing aims to encapsulate the cathedral’s multifaceted identity—its deep historical roots and its role as a beacon of faith, art, culture, and community. Inspiring Exploration At the heart of the rebrand lies the captivating ‘Look Up’ concept, encouraging visitors to embark on a journey of exploration – both within the cathedral’s awe-inspiring architecture and within themselves. It is a call to action that resonates with the cathedral’s ethos of inspiration and pride. It’s an invitation to explore not just the building’s majestic architecture but also the personal journeys of the visitors.

Liverpool Cathedral

 “Look up’ invites audiences to gaze upon the building’s grandeur, to connect with their spirituality, to seek enjoyment, to ponder, and to create cherished memories,” explains Mark Harrington, Poke’s creative director.

Honoring Legacy, Embracing Modernity

Poke, a branding and design agency, has undertaken a rebranding project for Liverpool Cathedral with the goal of reviving its brand image while ensuring it appeals to a wider range of audiences in the modern era. The agency has meticulously crafted a new brand identity that embodies the cathedral’s rich history and multifaceted offerings. The new visual identity is inspired by the cathedral’s unique double transept design and architectural grandeur, resulting in a stunning and captivating look and feel. Additionally, the tone of voice has been carefully developed to capture the cathedral’s cultural significance and rich heritage. Finally, the customer value proposition has been refined to reflect the diverse experiences that visitors can look forward to, from spiritual exploration to artistic and cultural enrichment.

Liverpool Cathedral

To truly embody the essence of the brand, Poke utilised an array of effective strategies. One such strategy was the creation of an animated 3D logo, which expertly captures the magnificence of the cathedral and breathes life into the brand. Additionally, the website was designed with a customer-centric approach, seamlessly blending both form and function to provide an optimal user experience. The well-crafted copy was carefully crafted to resonate with the cathedral’s unique essence and connect with visitors on a deeper level. Finally, a strategic marketing campaign was launched to celebrate the venue’s cultural importance and further elevate the brand’s reputation. All of these strategies work together to bring the brand to life and create a memorable and meaningful experience for visitors.

Rediscovering Majesty: Liverpool Cathedral's Momentous Rebrand

The Future Beckons with a Look to the Sky

The cathedral’s rebranding goes beyond just a visual makeover. It is a strategic move to attract a wider audience and showcase the cathedral’s diverse offerings. The new 3D animated logo, revamped website, and fresh marketing campaign aim to communicate the cathedral’s message: every visitor’s experience is unique. All it takes is to “Look Up” and embrace it.

Liverpool Cathedral
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Final Thoughts

Liverpool Cathedral’s rebranding is a clarion call to experience the magnificence of a century-old institution with fresh eyes. It’s an affirmation that while the cathedral honors its past, it is also poised to inspire future generations. As it stands tall against the Liverpool sky, the cathedral continues to be a symbol of unity and exploration—a place where everyone is welcome to ‘Look Up’ and find something that speaks to them.

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