Solutions+: Mubadala Unveiled their latest Rebranding Aimed at Business Growth

Mubadala Business Management Services, a leading business management services provider in the UAE, has announced its rebrand to Solutions+, a Mubadala Company. The rebrand reflects the company’s new strategy for growth, which includes expanding its service offerings, entering new sectors, and growing its client base.

Solutions+ will continue to provide core offerings that power the back-office engine of major companies in the UAE and internationally. These offerings drive change, progress, and value through vital infrastructure functions, including operations and digital services. To support further growth and expansion, Solutions+ will add new capabilities, including sustainability services such as ESG assessments, smart building optimization, and decarbonization tools. These new capabilities will help clients support the UAE in achieving its Net Zero goals.

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In addition to expanding its services, Solutions+ is also expanding into the sports and entertainment facilities sector. This move is highlighted by its recent acquisition of Abu Dhabi Entertainment Company (ADEC). This expansion will provide new opportunities for Solutions+ to serve clients in these industries and help them achieve their goals.

“Companies need to adapt and evolve to manage change and create lasting value,” said Nasir Al Nabhani, CEO at Solutions+. “As Solutions+, we will be in a stronger position to elevate our clients’ performance, help them navigate business change, and realize their ambitions as a trusted partner.”

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The rebranding of Mubadala Business Management Services to Solutions+ marks an exciting new chapter for the company. With its expanded capabilities and expertise, Solutions+ is well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of its clients and drive growth in new sectors.