Solutions+: Mubadala Unveiled their latest Rebranding Aimed at Business Growth


Mubadala Business Management Services, a leading business management services provider in the UAE, has announced its rebrand to Solutions+, a Mubadala Company. The rebrand reflects the company’s new strategy for growth, which includes expanding its service offerings, entering new sectors, and growing its client base. Solutions+ will continue to provide core offerings that power the […]

Nokia Rebrands, Refreshes Logo To Emerge As B2B Tech Innovation Leader

Nokia wants to break out from the “just mobile devices” zone and emerge as a B2B tech innovation leader. As such, the company roped in Lippincott for a revamp – rebranding and logo redesign. Nokia’s blocky logo, which was created in 1979, was simplified to make it more minimalist and angular with slender characters. It […]

7Up Comes with a Zesty Citrus Twist of Brand Refreshment

7up brand the change

PepsiCo has unveiled its latest 7UP flavor with a zesty citrus taste along with a refreshed visual identity. Featuring a bold and playful design with a 3D drop shadow, the new design adds depth and dimension. Against its signature green on the main body of the can, citrus colors accentuate the shadow space. For the […]

Nokia Rebrands from Smartphones to Become a B2B Tech Leader

NOKIA New Logo

Rebranding is an important strategy for companies in the digital age and can help them to reach their goals. By changing their logo and marketing strategies, companies can assure that they stay relevant and attractive to customers. Nokia’s recent rebranding is a prime example of how such a strategy can be successful. For Nokia, this […]

Cathay Cargo: Cathay Pacific’s Cargo Service Gets a New Brand Identity

Cathay Cargo

Cathay recently announced the launch of Cathay Cargo, the newly rebranded cargo business that was formerly known as Cathay Pacific Cargo. This change aligns with the brand redesign and reinforces existing customer perceptions and brand associations. Cathay Cargo shares the same purpose, vision, and values as Cathay Pacific and Cathay Hong Kong.  As the company […]

Soft Drink Brand ‘Lilt’ to Rebrand to Fanta after 50 Years

lilt rebrand brand the change

After 50 years, the popular soft drink brand Lilt, known for its ‘totally tropical taste’, is being rebranded and replaced by Fanta Pineapple & Grapefruit. The Coca-Cola Company, which owns Lilt, announced the change and clarified that the drink’s taste and ingredients would remain unchanged. The rebranding of Lilt to Fanta Pineapple & Grapefruit has […]

Burberry’s Latest Rebranding Signals a New Era in Fashion Branding?

burberry brand the change

How Burberry’s Updated Brand Identity is Path Breaking? In the world of fashion, trends, and styles come and go, often emerging as completely new entities seemingly overnight. Many fashion labels have been changing up their brand aesthetics, moving away from the classic and traditional serif fonts and towards more modern and stylish sans-serif fonts. Serif […]

Eurostar’s New Logo Is a Homage to Iconic Train Travel Brands

Eurostar Group’s striking new identity combines train providers Thalys and Eurostar into one fresh, exciting brand. The rebranding will take place over the next several months and will be rolled out across all of the company’s operations, including its trains, stations, and website. With a vibrant blue and deep navy as well as six auxiliary […]

Cartoon Network is Looking to Expand Viewership with Rebranding

AFTER a long day at school, coming home in our dirty clothes to watch cartoons was the most relaxing thing we could do. Powerpuff Girls or Dexter’s Laboratory on Cartoon Network were all there was to watch without the immersive internet and latest gadgets. Now a significant brand revamp was outlined by Cartoon Network. This […]